3 Tips To Land That Perfect Internship

We all have been there. And since it is that time of the year when you are actively searching for your next internship or graduate program opportunity, we thought to help you out here with a few tips.

If you have not had any intern experience, you will need to put some effort at your resume optimisation and networking to create new opportunities for yourself. But well, you can do it ;) Can you?

Some things to start with

“Stop sending your resumes into cyberspace. It’s a black hole,” says Ana, L’Oréal Recruiter

Use all possible contacts to enhance your chances of finding an internship. These can include friends, family, co-workers, teachers, advisors, and contacts made through career programs (meet ups, panels, fairs, etc.), activities, and previous work experiences.

Figure out who you know who can give you a leg up. Can’t think of anyone? Here’s where cyberspace can help out: Tweet and post on Facebook or LinkedIn: ‘I’d love to intern at L’Oréal. Does anyone know someone who has worked or interned there?’”

In fact, your web of relationships is the single most powerful tool you have at your disposal. Make sure to use it smartly.

When you first look for an internship your goal is usually to get a job, any job in fact. However, it is worth taking some time to be clear about your goals and vision. Think about and then write down your vision you have for your future. Even though you will probably take any internship that comes along, there is a very high chance we will ask you about your short and long term goals.

“Also, remember, do not see yourself as the beggar who can’t be a chooser. You have a lot to offer. Be honest with yourself about that. Make a list. Take pride in it. Life looks a lot rosier when you believe in yourself.” — Mathilde, L’Oréal Recruiter

You cannot use the same resume for every job application, it just does not work. Adjust your resume for every single application you send off. Do so by comparing the job description and criteria to your basic resume. Then, you adjust your resume to make sure it meets every point requested on the job description.

You also need to make sure your resume includes relevant keywords. At L’Oréal our recruiters look for certain key words that would actually match the job post. The same applies to LinkedIn. It is well worth the time it takes to create a powerful LinkedIn profile that our recruiters will notice. If you are not sure what makes a great profile, check out what our Recruiter Claire says right here.

“Recruiters search for candidates using key terms, so if “digital” and “internship” are in your profile, chances are that someone will stumble upon you with an opportunity,” Claire, L’Oréal Recruiter, explains.

Now, what’s stopping you? Get out there and grab your perfect internship.

If you’re an impact seeking inventor, a driver of disruption, join us to lead the Beauty innovation to the next level www.careers.loreal.com

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