5 Questions With: The Employees of The Body Shop Brazil

Valentin is the Chief Finance Officer of The Body Shop in Brazil and Nathalie is the Commercial and Expansion Director in Brazil. Get to know them in this interview.

What particularly interests you about working in the Beauty sector?

Valentin: What was most appealing about joining The Body Shop in Brazil, was the idea of joining a large, reputable group that offered an exciting challenge in terms of business growth and global ventures. Brazil has a huge potential in the cosmetics industry.

What are the key qualities of someone working in a financial role in the retail and beauty business?

Valentin: Ethical behaviour and being focused are key.

The challenge is not to be seen as the “Finance Guy”. I think it’s important to understand the broader aspects of the business too. For example, I want my team to have business acumen in a retail and cosmetics sense and to grow relationships with franchises.

What do you love about your job?

Valentin: What I appreciate — and the reason I left consulting to work in the beauty industry on the other side of the world — was to get out of my comfort zone. I feel that my current role is both challenging and rewarding!

What values or key traits would you look for someone in your team?

Nathalie: The capacity to stop and analyse things is really important because, when you are faced with such a big challenge, it is crucial to step back and not rush decision-making. When you’re working on a national scale in a huge country, it is so easy to lose track of things! Also, when starting up such a big project, you have to be creative and be able to convince people that you can do it, and do it well.

What motivates you?

Nathalie: I can only wake up to go to work if I enjoy it. I heard on the radio recently that a French study found that only 30% of people like their job. Although it is not too difficult to wake up happy in Brazil, what motivates me is to be part of one of the most important retail projects in Brazil today with a crucial challenge to position our brand in a market of more than 200 million people. None of this would make sense to me without the convinction that our success will depend on the team we are creating together. I can say that my colleagues and my team are definitely my biggest source of motivation.

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