8 Things To Know About Working At L’Oréal

1. You’ll make mistakes and that’s really okay

“I organized a webinar a while ago that was dedicated to 30 worldwide HR VPs. The tool we were using wasn’t as efficient as nowadays and I had trouble to adjust the length of the conference. It didn’t work out and in the middle of it, everybody got offline. It was too complicated to start it again, so I gave up and sent them an email to apologize.” — Renata

2. Your colleagues will be like your second family

“I enjoy going to afterworks, the atmosphere is very relaxed and the feeling of belonging to the community is really strong there.” — Paul

3. Food matters. A lot.

“At first, it is quite surprising, but it’s a great system that allows you to meet people you would not have talked to if it didn’t exist. What is cool is that nobody would reply no to a lunch invitation!Susie

4. We wear sneakers at the office… and not only on Fridays!

5. Wellness is the basis of a beautiful life

6. LinkedIn is not the only place to network

7. There’s no such thing as a linear career path

8. Lastly… we’re together, wherever



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