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9 Tips on how to achieve work-life balance

Having a healthy balance between work and life is complicated even in a normal situation. But now that most of us are either in some varying degree of lockdown or working from home for safety reasons, we’re finding that balance is more difficult, yet more important to achieve! We immerse in our jobs so deeply that we can hardly see where the separation line is.

Meetings, the laundry, the delivery, is it lunchtime? Our lifes feel like this intertwined cycle of work. Instead of leaving the office at the end of the day marking that clear end point, we just simply push our laptops to the side and hope to not hear any new notifications. When does the workday officially begin and end? Do we even know anymore?

To help us solve this never-ending work cycle, we have collected some great tips from remote workers to help us all achieve a healthy work-life balance:

1. Make a schedule and, to the best of your possibilities, stick to it (close your laptop and turn off notifications at lunch and at the end of the day!)

2. Separate your spaces (if you can!) Working from bed sounds great for a day but it’s important to have a proper work space that works for you. Get a proper table and a comfortable chair (your back will thank you later 😉). Having a difference between your work space and your recreational space will make it easier to switch off, too!

3. Lunch time, me time. We’re no doctors but having a good meal in an appropriate amount of time without the stress of work is important. Take the time to catch up with a family member or maybe a colleague. Schedule an e-lunch to squeeze in a few laughs.

4. Networking is key! And now that we don’t have IRL coffee breaks to catch up with a coworker, or a quick small talk at the cafeteria, try to schedule e-coffee with your colleagues.

5. Track your progress and determine your priorities: This will make it easier for you to follow a work flow. Make a list of your priorities at work and at home. What needs to be done before lunch? What can get done later in the day? Sticking to this will help you stay on task, and get more done throughout the day.

6. Schedule time for the bigger tasks: some tasks take more time than others. Block time in your schedule for important activities so you make sure you have time to get them done before the due date so you’re not scrambling with 5 minutes to spare.

7. Take a break! Watch that Tiktok video your friend sent you, apply a sheet mask or just do nothing! Even though talking with your coworkers can be good to take your mind off work, it’s important to take time just to be you.

8. Tomorrow is another day. Be realistic! There’s always something that needs to get done before a deadline but don’t be so harsh on yourself. Be realistic in what you can or can’t do at work and at home in one day. There’s always tomorrow!

9. Create a switch off routine: walk your dog, take a run, maybe an e-yoga class? Try to schedule an activity immediately following your normal work hours to have a line that separates work life from home life.

Since you’re ready to master the work-life balance, why not try these 9 tips while working with us!? If you’re looking for the next great opportunity or ready to make a change, join us!

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