Having a healthy balance between work and life is complicated even in a normal situation. But now that most of us are either in some varying degree of lockdown or working from home for safety reasons, we’re finding that balance is more difficult, yet more important to achieve! We immerse in our jobs so deeply that we can hardly see where the separation line is.

Meetings, the laundry, the delivery, is it lunchtime? Our lifes feel like this intertwined cycle of work. Instead of leaving the office at the end of the day marking that clear end point, we just…

Winning the award is not the only takeaway from a competition, and that’s especially the case of our student’s competition, Brandstorm. Winner or not, the experience isinvaluable: the people you meet, the skills you learn and even the sleepless nights; they all support your journey in some way (undereye bags aside).

Brandstorm is no different, that’s why today we want to share a different story. We went on a (rather easy) hunt for success stories from Brandstorm alumni that lost the competition but scored a job at L’Oréal anyway! …

L’Oréal’s ambition is to become the #1 Beauty Tech Company. It means going beyond the boundaries of the traditional Beauty Market and creating new consumer journeys, new user experiences and new business models, enabled by emerging technologies (Eg: AI, AR/VR, Robotics and IoT). A big ambition! We sat down with Stephane Lannuzel, Beauty Tech Program Director to learn more about the vision and concretely what is behind it!

What is L’Oréal’s Beauty Tech ambition about?

3 quick & easy tips to land your dream job

Interviews can be stressful, there is no doubt about that. Doing reaseach of your employer and choosing the right look is always a must, but having the interview remotely can come with it’s own set of problems. Between the inconsistencies in audio/visual and shotty WiFi…virtual interviews are a whole new game! No need to stress, with a few key tips and tricks, you’ll be sure to nail your next virtual interview!

Preparation is key! Getting yourself ready for a virtual interview can be just as daunting as interviewing face to face, if not more so! What should you keep in…

Introducing the first digital pitch event held by BOLD, L’Oréal’s Venture Capital Fund.

Who’s your competition? What do customers love about your solution? How does the current crisis impact your business model?

Just three of the questions posed to seven beauty startups by investors during the first digital pitch event hosted by BOLD, the L’Oréal Corporate Venture Capital fund on Oct. 27th. Founded to support L’Oréal’s mission to create the beauty that moves the world, BOLD makes minority investments across beauty tech, sustainability, and breakthrough technologies benefiting beauty.

Here: the seven beauty disruptors selected for the first BOLD pitch event:

For the first of a series of digital pitch events to be held…

Digital is not playing a crucial role in today’s business, it’s the force leading the business transformation — meet Keijo Julius Räihä digital expert in L’Oreal Poland and Baltic HUB

Why digital plays such a crucial role in business today?

Digital is a very diverse subject changing the way we do business from operations to marketing. All functions are benefiting from the advancement of digital. How I see it, digital is allowing us to meet the rapidly changing consumers’ needs, offer more personalization, better experiences, and for us to be truly customer-centric and finally build stronger relationships with our consumers…

Get ready for the next challenge of L’Oréal Brandstorm, the L’Oréal ultimate global competition for students. For the 29th time, L’Oréal has given the opportunity to all students from all around the world to work on a mission that will help them build their skills in a real business case while being coached by L’Oréal. Last year 48k students participated from 63 countries! What is new this year? Here is what you can expect from Brandstorm 2021… 😉

Brandstorm 2021 — Teaser


How much are you tech-savvy? For this year, Brandstorm puts the bar quite high! Creativity and digital skills…

Deep dive dans l’univers de L’Oréal : Estelle et Rémi, anciens stagiaires au sein de l’entité Recherche & Innovation témoignent de leur expérience. Ils n’avaient pas pensé à postuler, et L’Oréal l’a fait pour eux ! Ils racontent les idées reçues qu’ils avaient sur L’Oréal, et ce qu’ils en pensent aujourd’hui.

Comme Estelle et Rémi, certains d’entre vous n’ont peut-être pas pensé à postuler. Voici 4 bonnes raisons de le faire.

Have you ever wondered how to join one of our teams at L’Oréal? We like to keep it interesting here, just liking creating your own job description, you can also create your own recruitment story! We have heard plenty of stories from our employees, but we picked a few to share some of the most common ways to get recruited here 😉 Let us introduce you to: Ricardo, Product Developer in Consumer Product Division; Daniil, Digital and eCommerce Manager; Megha, Business Development Director — Travel Retail; and Reem, Young Talent Project Manager.

Beauty Tomorrow

If you’re an impact seeking inventor, a driver of disruption, join us to lead the Beauty innovation to the next level www.careers.loreal.com

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