From digital cowboys to digital scientists in the length of only 10 years. Discover what is behind Marc’s L’Oréal Great story

Hi Marc! You are celebrating 10 years at L’Oréal: how does it feel?

Marc and his team

What did you dream of becoming as a kid?

What do you think made you grow so fast between your first and most recent position at L’Oréal?

A memory of Marc’s first internship mission

When you were working in the global CDO team, what made you decide to move to China?

Memories from your first steps in China?

Were you always confident in yourself through this fast career track?

Working in digital: what is the hardest and what is the most exciting?

Digital people 10 years ago we were like cowboys! Today, were are scientists. Working in digital means understanding many aspects: technology, KPIs, performance, content, social… that is why you need to learn every moment to stay up to date with the game.

What kind of person do you try to be every day?

What project has a special room in your heart?

Finally, if you had a message for your younger self, what would it be?

Anything else to add?

You can succeed as an introvert at L’Oréal, which is not something I would have thought at the beginning of my career.



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