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Opening sketch of Taste of L’Oréal 2015

A Taste Like No Other

L’Oréal USA’s Taste of L’Oréal event is a unique recruitment experience

In the fast-paced and challenging business of beauty, staying ahead of the curve demands a combination of innovation, agility and strategy. That’s why at L’Oréal USA, recruiters are always on the hunt for the best minds from MBA programs in marketing and finance across the country. The search culminates each year with a unique event called Taste of L’Oréal.

There’s no other recruitment event like it: Taste is a fast and furious mash-up of an assessment day, social event, interviews, and networking with senior management all rolled into one high-energy action-packed weekend.

It is the final stage in the race to a summer internship, which is the main pipeline for L’Oréal’s full time MBA management development programs. This year, competition was fierce — out of nearly 1000 applications for the internship program, only 45 were invited to this selective event.

“There is no better way to showcase who we are as a business and a culture than to invite the brightest students to NY to get a ‘Taste of L’Oréal’ in two days” says José Vallarta, AVP Talent Acquisition. “It’s an intense, dynamic and fun weekend that we look forward to every year as we host who we hope to be our future leaders and colleagues.”

Discover what happened at Taste of L’Oréal 2015

From business challenges to two on one interviews and a chance to meet and exchange with top executives, the schedule is packed full of events and opportunities. Participants gain a valuable understanding of L’Oréal and the beauty business as a whole through practical, hand-on activities.

Case studies and candidate presentations give participants a chance to show what they are made of and form a core part the assessment process. José shares that “participants will work on the real challenges our marketing and finance managers face every day.” For example, a few years ago the Consumer Products Division challenged “Tasters” to develop a strategic recommendation for a new brand identity and positioning for one of its skincare lines, leveraging consumer insights, market data, and brand advertising. Dedicated L’Oréal employees volunteer to observe candidates as they problem solve with their teams and present their strategies to each other.

Want to go behind the scenes of Taste? Want an insider’s view of what L’Oréal looks for during interviews and what talent means? Follow L’Oréal Careers on Periscope for an upcoming livestream on Friday, February 5th at 2:30pm with a former Taster and interviewer!

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