Want to raise your knowledge? How about e-learning?

At L’Oréal, the learning never stops! 💡 In 2016, we partnered up with Coursera by creating the first-ever ‘Coursera for the Business’ venture. Our goal? To offer all our employees the chance to upskill themselves through some really cool MOOCs (massive open online course), putting them in the driver's seat of their development! Since then, we have had more than 12,000 users follow a course on the platform & more than 80,000 total number of learning hours spent.

Each L’Oréalian has a unique MOOC journey through their personal learning stories, discover some of them below!

Giselly, Physical Distribution, Quality Operations, Brazil

I am at the beginning of my career and my learning via MOOCs has added a lot to my professional and personal development, especially in my leadership skills which were enlightening as today I understand better when and where to behave as a leader and what is a leader in the scope of everyday work. Besides practicing my English :)

The content provided in all the courses I took was of great quality and the flexibility of schedules and deadlines was the key to me completing successfully within the time frame and with the best absorption of the content. I highly recommend the courses at HEC Paris. They are amazing, with a different approach to teaching where you are evaluated and can evaluate as well and have greats book tips attached to the course.

Marc, PLV/POS Buyer for Luxe and DPP, Austria

The possibilities that MOOCs offer for personal and professional development are enormous. There are countless courses for almost all interests and areas where you would like to acquire knowledge and specializations. Due to the flexible organization and structure of the courses, I was able to divide up the time for preparation and learning and this is absolutely important in addition to a full-time job.

Through the theoretical and practical structure of the course, skills can be implemented immediately in the job and so you gradually changed your own way of working. For me, it was important to re-examine one’s own previous processes in order to further develop myself, because the courses are up-to-date and may show one or the other option to work even more agile and more efficiently. I myself am looking forward to the next courses because interests are changing, requirements are changing and the possibilities are unlimited.

Victoria, Application Manager at L’Oréal Corporate, France

MOOCs in Coursera is for me a treasure that is just under your feet and you only have to dig a little bit to benefit from it. MOOCs represent hundreds of worldwide libraries that are accessible only in few clicks on your computer…and they can empower and make you grow you so much!

I would like to say to collaborators that started a MOOC but haven’t completed it, that it takes a little effort to complete one (and some sleep hours less) but the empowerment is worth the effort!

Daniel, R&I, ANTI-AGING Innovation, Project Leader in Skincare Métier, China

In R&I, we have to aim high and dream big since we are continuously pushing the technical boundary with the best product performance toward consumer satisfaction. In this exciting journey, the lesson of design thinking for innovation in Coursera has become my best online partner where I have been inspired a lot not only about the design thinking process but also the out-of box mindset of “what wows”. With the countless knowledge and wisdom, I believe Coursera will be always my best partner in my long career journey in the great beauty empire of L’Oréal.

Olivier, HR, Talent Acquisition and Special Projects Manager, Kenya

I love that the courses address specific skills…The segmentation of the training to a number of learning sessions also makes taking a course easier by programming learning hours. I appreciate greatly the video training and the interactive content that challenge knowledge gained from every lesson. And best of all that it’s all free! I was impressed by the course on Simplicity which beyond the eight taglines elaborates how the manifesto feeds into our business strategy to lead to a winning transformation. I would readily recommend this to all our employees. For me, the MOOCs present a fantastic opportunity to grow!

Renee, KEIHL’S Counter Manager, Luxury Division, The Netherlands

To start, I felt really lucky that I could take Coursera MOOCs courses from L’Oréal. I was eager to grab on to this amazing opportunity with both hands! For me personally, it’s always important to develop yourself and to learn new skills. After all, life is about learning, right? Business-wise, I have the ambition to grow beyond being a customer representative and manager. With L’Oréal, your HR manager is thinking with you to find a good course that suits your ambition and interest. I’ve experienced the courses very manageable and easy to combine in both work and personal time. I would recommend it to every L’Oréal colleague wholeheartedly. Think about it, how many companies offer you the chance to learn? Hopefully, I can inspire others to take on the MOOCs Coursera to learn!

Mochammad, Marketing, PPD-Maxtrix Hair Color Product Manager, Indonesia

MOOCs on Coursera give me a rich choice towards in which topic that I would like to know more about inflexible times and anywhere, anytime I want. Since I am a generic perspective mindset kind of person, that always wanted to know something new and learn something new, this platform gives me a lot of choices to enrich my perspective as an individual. Thanks to MOOCs provided by L’Oréal, I can learn music and art, language, and everything with modules that I select based on my interests. This is not just to improve for your professionalism, but also to improve your personal skills. It can help you to grow and build a multi-perspective way of thinking, both in and outside the workplace.

And this is just the beginning! We want to evolve this empowerment based on the incredible results we’ve received so far — more people inscribe in trainings and attendance rate has gone up significantly. So how do we feel about being a company where people boost their careers? Yeah, pretty darn good.

Interested to know more about L’Oréal or are you ready to join us and start your learning adventure? Either way, it’s one click!

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