Brandstorm 2021 - It’s bold, it’s badass, it’s daring!

Get ready for the next challenge of L’Oréal Brandstorm, the L’Oréal ultimate global competition for students. For the 29th time, L’Oréal has given the opportunity to all students from all around the world to work on a mission that will help them build their skills in a real business case while being coached by L’Oréal. Last year 48k students participated from 63 countries! What is new this year? Here is what you can expect from Brandstorm 2021… 😉


How much are you tech-savvy? For this year, Brandstorm puts the bar quite high! Creativity and digital skills must come into play in order to succeed in this year’s mission: “Invent the beauty shopping experience through entertainment”.

Students participating in teams will need to develop an idea in one of the following three categories:

1. A new product or service
2. A new business model
3. A new entertaining experience

We invite all students to create a new way to buy and experience Beauty shopping in a more playful and entertaining way. This can involve using social platforms like TikTok, live-streaming, social commerce, on-demand content, digital services, data, or anything new!

When it comes to matching beauty and tech, L’Oréal is quite advanced already on live-streaming, virtual & augmented reality, and virtual digital assistants are creating new opportunities. Those are inspiring new types of e-commerce experiences, and enabling new business models for the future!


For the first time, Brandstorm competition will partner with a global function and not a specific brand of the L’Oréal Group. Who could better inspire than the Chief Digital Officer team? Leading Digital services and Open Innovation, Lubomira Rochet, L’Oréal executive vice-President, and her team are really excited to support Brandstorm 2021.

“L’Oréal has always been obsessed with finding new ways to bring value to customers. Becoming a ‘Digital First’ company and embedding digital services within our business model has become a crucial part of how we offer better products and experiences. The next phase of this digital transformation will involve us exploring new ways to build relationships with our consumers and develop our products and services.” — Lubomira Rochet, CDO of L’Oréal Group.

That’s not all, our partner is expecting more than creativity but also inclusivity and greater impact. At L’Oréal we also believe that being ahead of the innovation curve comes with great responsibility, and we want tech to be a force for Good and contribute to create and maintain a sustainable, responsible, and inclusive digital economy and ecosystem.


Concretely how does it work you ask?

  1. The first stage of the competition starts with the creation of a team of 3 students from all majors, willing to come up with the most innovative idea and upload it to the platform. Better to think about a diverse team to cover all aspects of the challenge!
  2. Students will sharpen their ideas throughout the selection process and learn more about the reality of the industry from L’Oréal experts (HR managers, Marketing experts, R&I scientists, or Consumer Product Division leaders).
  3. Participants are accompanied at every stage of the competition by L’Oréal, through coaches and access to an e-learning platform. On this platform, students have exclusive insights on L’Oréal, studies about the beauty tech industry, and upskilling courses on pitching, digital, marketing, sustainability, and Corporate Social Responsibility. The content provided helps them in the research and development phase of their idea, but also offers invaluable knowledge about the industry.
  4. Finalists will be selected for every country or Hub that participates and these finalists will fly to Paris to get a two-day immersive experience at L’Oréal’s headquarters. During this time, they also will be coached by L’Oréal experts and pitching experts before they get to present the innovation to top L’Oréal executives during the final ceremony.


There are no big challenges without big rewards. After months of work, the winning team deserves something unforgettable!

Because we want them to continue a little bit longer their journey with us, we offer them the unique opportunity to further develop their project by spending three months of incubation at Station F, the biggest startup campus in the world, and L’Oréal HQ in Paris!

The Brandstorm winners will get the chance to work with L’Oréal coaches who will guide them in making their idea into a viable and profitable intrapreneurship project. This immersion period will provide the students with all the guidance and support from experts they will need to develop their projects and potentially see it come to life.


No matter if you win or not, Brandstorm is a great chance to build a network within, and outside of L’Oréal. The competition is a playground for innovation but also a great chance for junior talent to land a job with us. 🚀

Every year, we recruit 200 junior talents from the competition globally! If you join the competition chances are that HR managers and recruiters will follow up on your process and provide you with interesting job offers.

What’s more: the skills you will develop are for life :)


Now, the burning question! How to join? Students can easily sign up for the competition in three simple steps. One, sign up on the Brandstorm site. Two, find your dream team. Three, summit the game-changing idea. Ready, set, go!

Let us know if you are participating! @loreal #Brandstorm2021

If you’re an impact seeking inventor, a driver of disruption, join us to lead the Beauty innovation to the next level

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