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Case Study: L’Oréal Tests Out A New Kind Of Nude

For the past two years, a new kind of nude make-up has been on sale in French superstores.

But rather than a skin-tone palette, this is an innovative no-packaging strategy being trialled for products from L’Oréal Paris and Maybelline. The aim is to reduce environmental impact without affecting consumers’ shopping experience.

A fresh approach

The project started with a mixed approach: blister packaging was removed from nail varnish, lipstick, gloss and blusher but kept for mascara and foundation. In recent months, the Group has been testing an angled display on which the entire range is blister-pack-free.

A major benefit for the environment

The concept is part of a comprehensive environmental initiative: by removing blister packs, the quantity of plastic and cardboard used in packaging is reduced. By the end of 2015, L’Oréal predicts a saving of 2.5 tons of plastic and 9.5 tons of cardboard. The Group’s objective for the end of 2016 is a reduction of 11 tons of plastic and 40 tons of cardboard.

A success for the business

What began as a trial with the Auchan superstore chain now includes almost all French mass retailers with over 100 superstores taking part. The impact on sales has been extremely positive, regularly show a double-digit growth rate. Consumer surveys have revealed that packaging-free make-up enables better colour perception — a key factor in make-up purchases — and transforms the superstore shopping experience for the better because it maintains all the positive aspects: freedom of choice, affordability and a clear brand presence.

The ultimate aim is to roll out the concept to all French superstores in the coming years.

The Sharing Beauty with All programme

For L’Oréal, incorporating sustainable practices into its business model makes business sense as it enables responsible and lasting growth. When its comes to sustainable production, L’Oréal leverages best practices in energy efficiency, consumption of resources, waste reduction and treatment. It also launches innovative projects as it constantly seeks to align operational and environmental performance.

This French project is one of the ways in which the Group is putting the commitments undertaken in its sustainability initiative Sharing Beauty With All into action. The programme sets out a number of objectives for 2020, including a promise that by 2020 all L’Oréal products will be of environmental or social benefit, particularly when it comes to packaging.

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