Art- the surprising heart of a workspace

As we continue to showcase the great work that went on behind-the-scenes of L’Oréal’s new workspace, we move to another ‘neighborhood’ in The Hub called Boroughs. Just as it sounds, this mural that stretches halfway through the office is a city-like collaboration with painted red brick, chain-link fence, old-school graffiti, and train lines designed to spill into the ceiling. This energetic nature of the metropolitan area is a feature of the new workspace that truly captures the beauty of the ‘Boroughs’ of New York City. Rightfully so, the artists behind this piece are a group of local New York City artists representing their graffiti and street art company, Klughaus.

“The goal in creating the artwork was to encourage movement and collaboration across the workspace,” said Valentino, Co-founder of Klughaus.

At such lengths, the mural took this talented group of artists four days from mapping the initial layout to touching up the fine details. And while these last paint strokes may only be noticed by the artists, it is the broader message that drives each and every employee’s inspiration that makes all the difference.

“Taking a step back, it really creates an environment that encourages creativity and for people to interact more. There is a true feeling of spirit,” said Valentino.

As The Hub celebrates its one-year reunion this month, it’s important to reflect on the ideas that drove the original concept of the transformation. Our employees spend 8-hours a day in this space and it is important their workspace provides them with the most flexibility and adaptability to be productive.

Speaking to the benefits of The Hub and what the motivating environment can bring to its employees, Valentino said, “It’s easy to be complacent. But if you’re around a team and environment that pushes you to be inspired and to get out of your comfort level, it is much more enjoyable to work and grow.”

This culture shift does not stop here. As part of an ongoing transformation, just a few weeks ago, The Hub opened its doors to a full in-house cafeteria offering a salad bar, smoothie fruit bowls, freshly squeezed juices, a chef’s station, wood-fired pizza, and other healthy snack options.

Stay tuned as L’Oréal continues to take strides in flexibility and empowering their workforce!

For more artwork by Klughaus, please visit their website: And if you missed the first article of this series, read more on how Hueman, a California-based artist, incorporated her ‘candy-colored psychosis’ within The Hub.

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