It’s intern season! Each summer, students make a pilgrimage to an office and learn what it’s like to be a part of a team and have work that has real impact.

What do summer and interns at L’Oreál have in common? Both arrive every year full of energy, bringing along their warm and colourful personalities. No doubt they’re always helping us to see life and projects in a different way! At L’Oréal, we have been fortunate to have an amazing set of interns all around the globe, who help build new products and test new strategies, making a huge and lasting impact on the beauty industry. Each of them helped us further our mission of helping anyone get on a path to better life through beauty.

This month could not be anyone else’s. This month is the Interns Appreciation Month and while we appreciate them every day, this is the month when we asked our managers what they appreciate most in their interns. Check out what they have to say !

“Joaco’s joy makes every day a great day, his team spirit is really inspiring as well!” — Micaela

“His new and fresh ideas are key elements to transform any campaign into a masterpiece!” — Manuel

From L’Oréal Spain, our intern Isabel and her manager Ana

“In Matrix, ‘LA JEFA’ (the boss) Ana leaves, and we continue at the foot of the canyon … two months in which you have become a companion and friend. THANK YOU, for your unconditional support, because if I am a disaster, you are also a disaster, because if we give the best, we give it together, and because no day of the week we lack a smile. I’m sorry lorealians, but I have THE BEST INTERN #mypartnerincrime.’’— Ana

“It’s a truly pleasure to work with someone you trust 100% and who is constantly willing to learn more. She is a key part on our super-team!”. — Fernanda

“What I love about Joaquín is his eagerness to learn, to try new things, to suggest new ideas. I also love his passion for the brands and his team spirit.” — Carolina

From L’Oréal Spain our intern Lara and her manager Tamara

Thank you very much to my right hand! She makes everything easier! — Tamara

Directly from Star Wars world our intern Paco (Francisco) and her manager Maria

Paco is our Skywalker! He allows us to arrive on time, nd gives our pharmacies lightsaber bright visibility! Forget about conquering galaxies, he is conquering our pharmacies” Maria

From L’Oréal Egypt, our interns and their managers

“Marwan is committed, eager to learn, his sense of curiosity & capacity to adapt is & will be his most important success ingredient” — Bassel

Our intern Yassmeen and her manager Gina

“Seeing a young talent growing in front of me day after day, unleashing all her skills and focuses on all needed competencies is very motivating and satisfying. Yassmeen is a very hardworking, entrepreneur person who have added a lot to loreal in the past period as a graduate program associate.” — Gina

Our interns and the factory manager Claudio

Mihan is passionate, energetic strong character, who exerts all her efforts to make things happen, she listens and learns from other people’s feedback, she always sees challenges as opportunity for her self-development and growth along with her journey in LCI.” — Heidy

“One distinctive piece of what makes our interns AWESOME is that they all care so much about each other, about the shared experience they’re all creating together throughout their experience. They are about pushing each other just as much as they push themselves … and doing so with kindness, support, and friendship. We’ve been lucky to attract positive funky minds who embrace the opportunities they’re given. Their attitude helps them get the most from their experiences, and enriches the experiences of their peers. That is an important part of our culture 🙌🏽 Big thanks again to Madeline, Cici and Patrick. We’re so proud to call you our awesome interns and hope you’ll become full-timers!”Elina, Emma & Pavel

As you can see, we really appreciate all the friendly spirit that our interns bring to L’Oréal every day! If you want to get a feel for whether internship at L’Oréal is a good fit for you, come back to our blog each week and see for yourself! Our interns share stories about their experiences — how they’re growing, who they’re working with, what’s fun, what’s tough, and what they never expected to encounter. And through their stories, you’ll learn a lot about who they are and about what makes them awesome.

Got inspired? Check out all our internship opportunities on the careers website.

If you’re an impact seeking inventor, a driver of disruption, join us to lead the Beauty innovation to the next level

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