Five Things You Didn’t Know About L’Oréal HQ

Step beyond the atrium entrance hall with the giant screen wall and you’ll discover a few secrets…

1. There is a crazy-big garden where you can have lunch

Someone recently called it a “haven of peace”.

Clearly they didn’t get too close to the table tennis and table football (yes we have that too). Things can get a little… competitive.

2. The canteen has out-of-this-world desserts

And they taste as good as they look. We’ve tested :)

3. In the summer there are smoothies

Mmmm, fruity and delicious.

4. We have great art

This installation is called Rouges 06 by Vincent Olinet. We think it’s pretty cool.

5. There is a Beauty Lab

In case you’re wondering: no, it isn’t inhabited by a make-up-obsessed professor (although we have a few of those) — it’s where we showcase our latest innovations.

Discover more about L’Oréal and what you could do here:

If you’re an impact seeking inventor, a driver of disruption, join us to lead the Beauty innovation to the next level

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