From being a player to an employee: Three Brandstorm Alumni share their journey!

What motivated you to apply for Brandstorm? 📝

Maira: A teacher of mine sent the Brandstorm application to me and my classmates. At the time I didn’t know about innovation challenges in big companies. My friends and I saw it as an opportunity to challenge ourselves, do something really fun together and maybe go to Paris, after all. It was a great opportunity for us to get closer and work on a new project. We thought it would look good on our resume and could improve our soft skills. I particularly got excited because I am very passionate about beauty. So when saw it was L’Oréal, I got even more determined to do my best!

Did you know about the opportunity to be hired at L’Oréal when you applied for Brandstorm? 💻

Maira: I actually don’t remember when I found out about the opportunity to be hired but it was really early. On the Brandstorm webpage there was some information about that. There was a special space to upload your resume for future job opportunities as well.

What were some valuable learnings from Brandstorm? 💡

Maira: I learned to believe in myself even more! One of the first things that I heard from the L’Oréal team was to have a ‘winner attitude’ and that made total sense for me. If you can picture yourself and your teammates taking your idea off the paper in Paris by the end of the challenge you are on the right path. What I mean, is that you have to believe in yourself and in your idea. The idea can always be improved and my group and I were working to the best, making us believe that we could do it. I also learned the importance of teamwork and innovation, you don’t have to be a genius or anything you just have to take a step.

  • Insightful sharing sessions by L’Oréal experts: From these sessions, I learned a great deal about working within the industry, consumer insights, tips on approaching ideas as well as Beauty Tech trends across the world
  • Mentor program with a L’Oréal senior: We gained a lot of insights on some minute details to consider that would end up being extremely important and that we have not even thought about! The experience and wisdom from our mentor really expanded our knowledge on factors to consider in planning a new innovation.

How did you end up at L’Oréal after Brandstorm? 💼

Maira: In Brazil after the national final ended they told us that all 21 national finalists got a golden ticket for the internship program. That meant that we were going to skip a few stages in the internship program and go directly for the interviews. I went to 3 interviews, the first one was to understand where did I fit in and what I liked. Then, they sent me my specific job opportunity and after that, I had an interview with human resources, who sent me to the last interview with my future boss. The whole process was very nice. I really tried my best to show not only my abilities but also my passion for beauty and my desire to be here.

What tips would you share with future Brandstorm participants? 👀

Maira: Every great idea starts with a real problem, so it’s important to find a great problem and then think about the idea.

  1. Creative ideas are usually simple so try not to complicate your idea. A simple idea that solves a great problem will not only be more interesting for the consumer but easier to sell in your pitch.
  2. Believe in your idea! If your team has doubts then possibly the L’Oréal judges will have as well. A winning attitude is very important as well, imagine yourself getting hired and working on your idea in Paris.
  3. Besides that, enjoy the process! It’s an amazing opportunity to get to know new people from your country, do some networking with the L’Oréal team, get closer to your friends, improve your soft skills, and be spoiled with some great L’Oréal gifts.



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