From Chocolate To Construction And Finally To L’Oréal: Meet Vasily!

No pursuit en route to a career is ever predictable and with L’Oréal this couldn’t be more relevant. Who knows, if you’re working in construction and feel that it’s time to set aside the hard hat and high vis jacket we may very well have a position suited to you and your skillset! From a guy who once rocked surfer style hair, to a chocolatier of sorts to a construction site in Italy, Vasily has travelled quite the tumultuous road en route to L’Oréal.

Back at University I had a different look altogether to what I do now… I used to rock 30cm long hair influenced by the style at the time, my love for surfing and my friends. My L’Oréal look is a little less surfer and a little more sophisticated, but there’s still an inner surfer within me! (Below is Vasily at a University awards with his luscious locks)

On graduating Management School in Russia I went on to work in Food Retail which led me to Mars where I worked as part of the Management Trainee Program. After 3 years of chocolate (and a 3 year sugar rush no doubt) I moved to Italy where for I worked in construction. From there I returned to my homeland where I joined L’Oréal as Key Account Manager in CPD.

My first encounter with L’Oréal was actually through my participation in L’Oréal’s E-Strat and Brandstorm. I’ve always been intrigued by L’Oréal’s branding and the company’s image. My fascination with the company didn’t stop there.

When I looked into L’Oréal more and more I was completely amazed by how the beauty industry affects our lives and the positive impact it has, bringing joy and self-confidence to all. The “Share Beauty with All” philosophy really resonated with me, and I wanted the chance to be a part of L’Oréal’s beauty world to spread such a philosophy worldwide.

I was amazed by the level of freedom and autonomy that is given to all employees in the company. If you have a new idea or concept go for it, within reason obviously. At the same time this freedom comes with a certain level of responsibility.

‘’L’Oréal provides me with an opportunity to be creative and test the boundaries of that creativity, one of the features of my job that I truly love’’

For me leadership is all about people’s emotions and engagement. In order to achieve outstanding results your heart must really be in the project… no matter the size! For me leadership means maintaining a balance between providing both a supportive and challenging atmosphere whilst helping all team members to fulfill their potential.

Going from team member to leader has advanced my sense of responsibility amongst other things. This additional level of responsibility is an extra challenge on one hand and inspiration for new achievements on the other. You realize that leadership is not about you — success in leadership isn’t when you reach your full potential. It’s when you get to a place where you are helping other people reach theirs.

I am so lucky to have landed myself with such a great team. Both Yuri and Olga are on a management trainee program at the minute. Their passion, quick-minds and unlimited will to succeed are all outstanding characteristics they possess.

The biggest benefit about my team is that they are young talent. They possess extraordinary learning agility so they learn fast and implement their learnings straight away. They have a fresh vision of business and come with new ideas which are not influenced by experience or well-known business processes. Last but not least they are very open-minded and ready to innovate and act creative. They really are the epitome of the difference between ordinary and extraordinary, and I love working alongside them.

It may sound obvious but you always achieve what you really want. Finding the right environment where you can be given a chance to show what you’re really made of is so important. L’Oréal has given me that chance, it has given me the opportunity to thrive in an environment that suits me down to the ground, (no chocolate or construction in site). I advise each bright mind to join L’Oréal and start following the career of your dreams. Chocolate may not have been my dream but beauty and L’Oréal were a perfect match for me!

If you want to follow Vasily’s advice and pursue a career in L’Oréal check out our careers page where your next awesome career opportunity awaits!

If you’re an impact seeking inventor, a driver of disruption, join us to lead the Beauty innovation to the next level

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