How Contrasting Backgrounds Can Make The Best Brandstorm Team

A passion for all things, high tech combined with a make-up obsession proved to be the perfect match when Simon and Cathy, then strangers paired up for L’Oréal’s Brandstorm 2017. Coming from completely different backgrounds meant each team member brought a different perspective on how to nail the given L’Oréal Men Expert case. Both now find themselves interning at L’Oréal China. Hear from Simon and Cathy on how Brandstorm is the perfect platform to get your foot in the door at L’Oréal.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.
: I’m Simon Sun, a junior in Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen). I’m a creative guy who has visions, I love to attend hackathons and do some little inventions and I am also a big fan of high-tech and travelling. I have my own patent. Loving to solve problems, I did some consulting internships and I’m very eager to learn more about what is going on in this world.

C: I’m Cathy, makeup is my biggest interest. I went to a professional makeup studio to study makeup skills during my sophomore year. After that, I became the first makeup artist in our campus. It is great to let girls realize that how beautiful they can be. Besides, I enjoyed travelling and had many unforgettable experiences in Canada, France, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Australia, Japan and many more. When travelling, I have a strong feeling that “I only live once”.

Tell us about the team you’re working with.

S: I’m now working in CDO Team, functioning as Corporate Digital Marketing, at L’Oréal China. To be honest this is a really nice team. We joke on each other from time to time but when it comes to work, we become serious.

C: I am working in L’Oréal Men Expert team now. It is an amazing team which contributes the highest market share to the brand around the globe. Colleagues here are capable as well as good-looking.

Both of you got an internship from playing Brandstorm. Was that the objective when you participated in the competition?

S: Absolutely not. Initially we did not even know that if we participate it would increase our chances of getting an internship… We just thought that Brandstorm was by far the most fun case competition ever. And we are so serious about our products and so eager to let more people know about our ideas.

C: Actually, I didn’t realize that Brandstorm players with excellent performance would have the opportunity to become an intern. My first intention was simple. I just wanted to test myself in a innovation competition and get closer to my dream company L’Oréal. Now I am so excited to work with the Men Expert team and to get a greater insight into the Chinese market.

How did your team work together throughout Brandstorm?

S: We are tech challengers. We are all in a School of Management and Economic with little marketing knowledge, meaning we were continuously learning throughout Brandstorm. Despite coming from different backgrounds, we match and complete each other, in terms of character, skills, etc. I’m calm all the time and quite stubborn. Jackie is hard working and also very insistent on her ideas. Cathy for many times functions as a coordinator and her role is so crucial. We disagreed a lot. But that is also how we refined the idea.
C: As for forming the team, we were strangers to each other before Brandstorm. All of us only wanted to have a try in certain innovation competitions and did not expect that we could go so far with our team spirit propelling us forward.

Brandstorm is a talent incubator filled with learning experiences, what was the greatest lesson you’ve learned as part of the experience?

S: How to do a real pitch for new products. Ideas need to be simple and sharp.

C: Gender stereotype is common in China. Women talk about how to groom themselves but men are supposed to keep silent. In the past 6 months, we found that Chinese men have huge needs for grooming. They want to make a change. They are willing to try different products. They are completely different from what I had imagined. So the best thing I have learned is to discard gender stereotypes.

What advice would you give to college students looking to participate in Brandstorm?

S: Take this journey seriously and be prepared. The commitment to Brandstorm is real, but the reward is greater from spending time with like-minded people to gaining a great global experience.

C: Keep confident and amaze the world.

So you’re a student? And are looking for a challenge that’s both exciting and challenging? Then look no further than our Brandstorm 2017 challenge. The perfect platform to launch a career at L’Oréal!

If you’re an impact seeking inventor, a driver of disruption, join us to lead the Beauty innovation to the next level

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