Hiring Manager Interview Hints

Okay, we’re at that stage in the series when the process gets a bit more specific to the role you are applying for. You’ve made it past the HR interview but now comes the final hurdle- the hiring manager interview. There’s no need to worry, think of it as your chance to really shine. Our recruiters at L’Oréal share their helpful hints, so you can really polish up to interview perfection.

First, let’s dive into some FAQ’s about the L’Oréal hiring manager interview experience:

At the HR interview, you will speak to one of our HR recruiters, who looks to understand your personality and professional background. This is your opportunity for them to really discover you as a person, to see if you’ll be a great fit for our culture. Be yourself, it’s what we’re looking for! The Hiring Manager interview is a little different, as you’ll be interviewed by your potential future manager. This interview will delve deeper into the technical competencies required in the role you’re going for.

Teams like these!

Each of our HR recruiters specialises in recruiting for one or two functions so although they will know enough about the role to answer most of your questions, they will not be able to give you in-depth insight into the day to day activities of the team. This means Hiring Manager interviews go much further into what you can expect from the role and the team. Take this as your time to ask lots of questions!

Remember to always link these experiences back to the role you’re applying to, and the skills you need for the role. With this type of question, you will need to use your previous work experience to show your achievements and what you have learnt. Remember the STAR method while answering these; we really like to see candidates who have made a clear impact.

  1. Research our competencies: We want to find out how you’ll fit in with our organisation and so we’ll ask you some questions about our key competencies. Try to think about when you have displayed those competencies in your previous experience and use this to explain why you might be a great fit for us.
  2. Know your numbers: Whether you are a fresh Graduate or a Marketing Director launching a huge campaign it’s always a good idea to brush up on your numbers/results. If you talk about something you’ve done it’s likely the interview will want to know the outcome and so having numbers or data to back up your claims is always nice to hear.
  3. Research the industry: We want to know what you think about the industry, latest trends and even your opinions on our competitors! For L’Oréal it’s a great idea to check out our social media and blog, these will give you really great hints on what we look for in candidates.

Questions surrounding the team you’ll hopefully be part of are always great at the end of an interview. It really shows that you are enthusiastic about the role and are picturing yourself working in the team. It also shows your understanding of the need for teamwork and working with other people. Another great question to ask is how the role fits in with the wider business, and what strategy they are implementing. This shows your interest in the company and the role itself.

If you have waited longer than the timeline which the recruiter has given you, it is always a good idea to follow up. The best way to do it is with a polite email to the recruiter asking if there was any feedback or an update on timescales. It’s best to contact your recruiter rather than the Hiring Manager, as they’ll know all the dates and details about your candidate experience overall.

Remember we have many roles available, and with these helpful tips there is no reason why you can’t apply and have your chance to be part of our team! Many thanks to Hannah Duff, Talent Aquisition Manager for sharing her personal recruitment tips!

If you’re an impact seeking inventor, a driver of disruption, join us to lead the Beauty innovation to the next level www.careers.loreal.com

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