Inspirational Women at L’Oréal UK & Ireland

This International Women’s Day we celebrate the inspirational women across our business — from grads right up to middle management and senior leadership we look at the women behind the job title — the mothers, the entrepreneurs, the surfers and the volunteers. Women at L’Oréal have so much to offer and today we say thank-you. Thanks for all you have contributed to drive success at L’Oréal, all you have done to make L’Oréal a great place to work. Today we celebrate you!

Nathalie is a keen runner — managing to fit marathons into her hectic schedule.

Nathalie,Managing Director of Operations

Balancing life as Managing Director with being the mother of 2 young girls AND a passion for long distance running is no mean feat but for Nathalie this comes with a certain sense of ease. Having worked internationally with the group for the past 20 years Nathalie has been a powerhouse behind the Operations of the business — making sure everything runs like clockwork with her team of over 300.

On balancing her career & personal life Nathalie says:

Tasneem, Tax Director

Responsible for managing all UK & Ireland tax affairs, Tasneem’s role involves working as a business partner across all other functions, ensuring full tax compliance, monitoring, implementing and internally communicating tax legislative changes. As a mother, a key leader at L’Oréal AND a member of the Committee for Women in Tax, she really does do it all!

Tasneem, speaking at a Committee For Women in Tax event

What are you passionate about?

Women in Leadership and especially within the tax sector is something I feel really strongly about. I’m on the Committee for Women in Tax and also on the ICAEW Large Business and International Tax Committee. I’m a mum of two, and I know that a lot of women start to have doubts about what they can achieve after having kids, such as experiencing dips in confidence and suffering from “mum guilt”!

Maire, IT Digital Manager

Maire & some colleagues from the Nordics at a L’Oréal run.

What opportunities does L’Oréal present for women to build their career?

What I love the most about working for L’Oréal is the fact that the company encourages its’ employees to grow within the organization and continuously take new responsibilities abroad or in your home country (I am a real example), in your current function or in something completely different. It is all about the lifelong learning.

Check out the endless international opportunities L’Oréal has to offer here

Beatrice, Managing Director, Professional Products Division

Beatrice has been working at L’Oreal for the past 16 years, pursuing an international career that has seen her work in 5 countries -Canada, France, Belgium, UK & Australia and in various functions -Sales, Global Marketing , Business Development & Education, Strategy, Marketing Management, General Management.

A keen surfer, mother of 3 and marathon runner there’s not much Beatrice can’t do!

How do you best separate work life from personal life — for a healthy balance?

I do not believe that we have two separate lives: one personal and one work life.

I believe that because time goes fast, we need to enjoy every single moment of it and seize every opportunity to have a positive impact on people’s lives. My family moments nourish my L’Oréal life and vice-versa. I believe that energy is an endless resource when you have the right purpose. I am particularly grateful for parenting, arts and sports, as they have taught me to become a better leader. I am grateful for what L’Oréal has taught me — for the amazing people I have met that have made me a happier woman and mother.

Nansamba, Business Development Director

Nansamba & her fab family taking part in a colour run — an annual occurrence for this lot.

Can you tell us about an inspirational woman in your life?

I am very lucky to come from a matriarch of inspirational women who have given me a great blueprint of how to truly see the most inspiring, genuine and growth generating people who become part of our lives.

I am most inspired by women who demonstrate the courage to stand up and challenge the things that are between them and their dreams.

I am inspired by women who do not shy away from being vulnerable enough to accept their weaknesses but strong enough to not be defined and made smaller by them.

And I am inspired by women who are able to fall, put their heels and crown back on and stand up again… and again…

These kind of women come in all walks of life — mothers, grandmas, sisters, leaders, doctors, teachers, friends, colleagues, buyers… my heart, without hesitation, can evoke at least one person in each of these categories.

And for those who don’t know… my biggest women-crushes are Chimanada Ngozi Adichie and Khaleesi. Obvs!

Lea, Brand Business Leader

Lea taking part in one of many activities she loves.

Outside your work, what are your favourite hobbies and pastimes?

I am French but moved from Paris to London 5 years ago and completely fell in love with this city! There is always something new to visit, to see, to discover — I like spending my weekend in art galleries and exhibitions.

I am also a scuba-diver and spend all my time off discovering the wonderful world that lies beneath the surface… Time stops, every movement underwater becomes soft and smooth and the only thing you have to do is watch and marvel at all the hidden beauty and sea life that unveils…

Natalie Too, Assistant Product Manager

Can you tell us about an inspirational woman in your life ?

As cliché as this sounds, the single most inspirational woman that I have in my life is definitely my incredible mother, who is the biggest hustler out there! Like myself, she started off at L’Oréal where we saw her grow and grow to greater heights. With 7 siblings, 3 kids and a family business to run, she mastered the art of balancing 10 million plates at once…very well. I have her to thank for instilling the hunger to learn, and the discipline to deliver my very best in all the things I set my heart to. It is working out so far.

Madeleine, Corporate Communications Director

Madeleine and her daughter, Madeleine has just been promoted at 7 months pregnant!

What opportunities does L’Oréal present for working mothers to build their career?

As a working parent, the culture at L’Oréal has enabled me to have a rewarding career & family life. When I became a mum for the first time two years ago, I wasn’t sure how I would fulfil both roles in a way that met the expectations I set for myself. However, the high levels of trust & autonomy in an environment that actively supports parents via coaching, internal networking & upskilling, set within our flexible ‘work smart’ culture has meant I have been able to be present for my daughter and meet the demands of my role in a way that works for me.

Sinead, Northern Europe Portfolio Management Officer, IT

Sinead at one of our #LEADLIKEAWOMAN events at HQ.

What was the best piece of advice that has stuck with you over the course of your career?

Sarah, Deputy General Counsel, Legal

Outside of your position do you do anything to give back to the community/share your skills /inspire people?

I believe learning through networking and sharing knowledge / skills is a must for everyone. Outside of my role I am a Mental Health ambassador and part of the Gender Equality Network steering committee. Outside of work, I have attended and co-moderated a self-development circle for women across a cross-section of professions for 10+ years and I am a volunteer mentor for school children through Inspiring The Future, my old secondary school and my children’s primary school.

Inspired by the women at L’Oréal UK & Ireland? L’Oréal offers everyone the opportunity to build their career based on merit and track record. With our Gender Equality Network as one of our Diversity & Inclusion pillars, there are additional developing initiatives to support women (and men!) to progress within our business.See what’s in store for you at L’Oréal and our 34 international brands.



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