Interview tips to dive into L’Oréal’s world!

Applying for an internship or a permanent position can be a tricky experience… To help you in this quest for your dream job, we decided to contact the fantastic recruiters' team in Italy to discuss the best tips to nail your interview. And because nothing could be more authentic than freshly-old candidate point of view, Dario (26 yo), Francesca (29 yo) and Veronica (28 yo) who have recently joined L’Oréal, will share with you their best tips!

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Dario, Francesca, Veronica

You just find the perfect job that matches your heart, and you’re starting preparing the next step with the L’Oréal recruiter. What do you need to know ?… What do you need to say? … Simply you. Tell us about something unique, your story! Do not be on the reserve, feel free to express yourself, to share your point of view, to talk about what characterizes you both professionally and personally. Be synthetic and sharp, especially in explaining your experiences. Your interlocutor must understand very quickly:

💼 The context (stakes, insights, key figures of the market…)

👉 Your mission and the concrete actions you have taken

📈 The results (achievements, KPIs…)

🔎 The evaluation (what would you do differently, what would you change…)

Now you know. Going further, what about three testimonials from newcomers who have passed this challenge with flying colors? Discover their own experience and golden tips to rock your interview and get your dream job! Let’s introduce them…

Francesca: I work as a Product Manager in the Professional Products Department. I manage the marketing activities linked to the launch of hair colouring products for L’Oréal Professional.

Dario: I am Product Manager for Garnier within the Consumer Products Division. My field of expertise is the hair colour category and I am responsible for pillar brands such as Olia, Belle Color and got to launch as well Color Herbalia.

Veronica: I’m a PR and digital PR Specialist for Armani Beauty, this means that I interact with influencers and journalists, take care of events, sponsorships, photo services and so on!

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Francesca: I studied loads of information about the company from a business perspective, focusing on the relevant elements related to the position in the business area I was applying to. Consumer insights are fundamental: I spent a lot of time thinking about what women really want when they enter a salon and ask for a colouring service. Also, having a different business and industry background, I reflected on the similarities between the market I was working at the time and the one of coiffure, as well as the differences. Sometimes associations of ideas can be extremely helpful.

Dario: I read through the L’Oréal corporate website from A to Z. As a good marketer, I looked at all L’Oréal’s touchpoints (i.e. Youtube, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.). But I also took an interest in L’Oréal’s values and ethics as well as the vision the company is pursuing to achieve within the next few years as a leading Beauty Tech Company. Diving into the beauty industry and the company itself was crucial. However, you don’t need to master every single detail, the key is to be as much as possible on the same cultural wavelength as L’Oréal. Last but not least, I wrote down a list of potential Q&As that could arise during the interview and practised them all.

Veronica: I studied deeply myself: the motivations that led me to go for an interview, my past life experiences and the lessons I learned from them, my ambitions and the way I see myself in the future. Working on our own storytelling could seem superficial but it is not! Your 5 first minutes of the presentation are crucial to capture the curiosity of the interviewer. I also inquired about the latest trends and marketing launches of L’Oréal through the website and various newspapers that I like to read. The most important then is to have critical thinking about these examples: what did I like? Why? What was less relevant from my point of view?

🙌 Be yourself and be honest

🎯 Have your expectations and goals in mind

🕵 Back-up your statements and opinions with concrete examples

💄 Visit some points of sale of L’Oréal’s products and the different distribution channels

🛍️ Make sure to keep the consumer at the center

📱 Never forget about being “digital”

· L’Oréal’s corporate website and brand websites

· Official Company Reports

· Social media channels

· Articles (like this one) that you can find on LinkedIn

· …and the most important: Your critical gaze when you enter physical points of sale and digital marketplace.

The last advice to rock the interview?

Francesca: It is not possible to know everything about the industry or the specific position you are having the interview for. Don’t worry, it’s the reasoning behind the answer that matters.

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