L’Oréal Announces New Recruitment Method

This morning L’Oréal announced the launch of a new recruitment method that the beauty group believes will revolutionize the employment process: it will now be accepting applications written in emoji.

The electronic ideograms have become increasingly popular in recent years, particularly with the younger generation. As a company with a strong digital vision, L’Oréal is looking to target mobile-savvy Millennials for whom emoji is practically a second language.

A spokesperson from L’Oréal’s HR department stated: “current trends show that emoji is no longer just a fun alternative to punctuation: it is the future, a new way to express thoughts, feelings and professional experience. In an age of simplification, the illustrative characters provide an ideal solution, offering a quick, efficient method of communication. As the saying goes: ‘a picture paints a thousand words’.”

This approach represents the next step in L’Oréal’s strategy of digitisation. To streamline the process yet further, the group’s new mobile-only recruitment platform will limit applications to a maximum of 140 characters. Candidates will also be able to send emoji applications via text while widgets on the platform will let them instantly share on Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Following the announcement, L’Oréal’s HR spokesperson tweeted:

(Translation: “We want to allow candidates to really express themselves, to tell us about their career path and aspirations in the medium they are most comfortable with and to instantly share their experience with their peers. We believe this innovative approach holds great promise.”)

As well as improving the candidate experience, L’Oréal believes that the programme will spur efficiency in the recruitment process. All recruiters have received training in emoji and Snapchat and job offers in emoji will start to appear online soon.

The group has already received several emoji applications, one of which is reproduced below, accompanied by an English translation.

My name is Anthony Appleby. Hands-on, flexible and results-oriented, I have a passion for digital innovation. I graduated with a top degree in computer science and business 4 years ago. My professional experience includes:
- two years as a junior developer working on a mobile customer reward platform for a trendy cosmetics company, successfully generating new customer engagement.
- I currently head up the innovation division of a digital solutions startup, exploring and developing ideas for the future in the past-paced world of mobile.
Extremely driven and a strong team player who is not afraid to take risks, I am based in New York but open to change and looking for a new international experience in the beauty industry that will allow me to broaden my horizons and take my career to the next level. My interests include: bowling, retrogaming and Japanese food.

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