Meet Aines, Rocking Industrial Development at L’Oréal Operations

What inspires you? The development of our products is one of our many sources of inspiration. You might develop new products, work on the high-tech strategy for supply chain and production, coordinate innovative project deployment across 45 worldwide factories or get involved in purchasing and sourcing initiatives across the world with smart factories being at the heart of Industry 4.0. In L’Oréal Operations we will always be helping our products and business to go beyond what we thought is possible. Doesn’t matter if you are an intern or a manager, work in our Operations world is all about passion, innovation, dedication and never ending learning.

As part of our Operations intern summer series, we are putting a spotlight on interns from various expertises, such as Supply Chain, Development, Buying, Digital Operations, Quality and Packaging. Today, to end the summer series with a bang, we catch up with Aines, L’Oréal Industrial Development Intern!

My name is Aines El Kili, I’m 23 and I’m actually making my end-of-studies internship as a Product Development Engineer for Lancôme, a brand that belongs to the Luxury Division of the L’Oréal Group. I’m from Lyon (that’s probably the greatest city in the world, trust me!) where I started my studies. I’ve graduated in Mechanics and Production before moving to the engineering school to do my degree in Product Design and Project Development. I really see myself in project management and at the heart of the product launches.

I am passionate about innovation, problem-solving and product development from A to Z. I chose L’Oréal for my final internship because I knew that I would have so many responsibilities and coaches with whom I work on projects with high impact on the whole L’Oréal Group.

Outside work, I am fond of sports. I particularly enjoy practising martial arts and soccer. And least but not least: I love cooking !

One week after I began my internship, I came to work by bus. It usually takes me some 10 minutes to get to the office. After 30 minutes on the bus, I realized that I had taken it the wrong direction… A classic mistake :)

These are the emojies that describe how my team is. We always have fun and everyone is in a good mood. There is a great spirit in our team — we always help each other and it allows us to move forward faster regardless of the different challenges that we may encounter. That sounds crazy but I am really fond of my team and I couldn’t have dreamed of a better one.

I had the opportunity to make real friends at L’Oréal. I see them at work but also during the weekend. Many after works are organized to meet new people and during your integration, you have the possibility to be introduced to a maximum of people thanks to the kick-off event, for example! For me, L’Oréal is great place to work because of the wonderful people you get a chance to be with!

I’m working on two product development projects. My role is to coordinate the project with factories, suppliers, marketing and laboratory… I try to make sure that we collectively meet the deadline in order to produce and deliver the products in time. It gives me an opportunity to experience what the day to day life of a development engineer is, as I have been confronted with many challenges that L’Oréal Operations face gloablly. It is very rewarding to have such an impact!

I have the opportunity to visit factories of L’oréal to get familiar with the latest tech innovations and see how we use them worldwide. I am impressed by all the technology deployed to produce the thousands of references. L’Oréal has anticipated the upcoming challenges in the beauty industry by fully integrating new technologies and leading our company into the era of industry 4.0 (Big Data, Process automation).

Absolutely! My perception have changed because I have discovered the diversity of the Group.

“The diversity of the beauty business, the collaborators, the various teams, brands and divisions. Each of us bring something unique to L’Oréal and it is powerful!

You started at L’Oréal as an intern, where did you hear about us and why did you choose us?

I heard about L’Oréal in the beginning of my engineering studies. I started to follow the company on social media to get informed about the latest and greatest innovations and development at L’Oréal. I finally applied to a job as Product Development Engineer and here I am today :)!

If I had to give some piece of advice to the future students who would like to join L’Oréal, I would tell them:

Trust yourself: L’Oréal is not inaccessible so do not hesitate to apply! And make sure you show recruiters how motivated you!

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