Meet Josephine, Rocking An Internship In Packaging Purchasing!

Packaging is most of our brand’s first contact with our consumer. Yet, you would be surprise about a marvel of intelligence, lengthy research and technology innovation behind when it comes to giving our brand the edge with regards of applicators, packaging decoration and sensoriality. Some packages enhance the anti-fatigue effect of the formula — as in Mennen Roll-On Eyes with an icy massage effect — or thoroughly clense the skin, like the ‘Perfect Clean’ of L’Oréal Paris and its massage-like applicator. Other make it possible to create mixes by coupling formulas in order to customize the treatment — as in Kerastase Fusio-Dose, offering even more efficient packaging than ever.

L’Oréal Luxe in particular incarnate all the facets of elegance and refinement. From the packaging purchase to the quality control of the formula, our brilliant minds are always thinking about innovate improving sustainability. That’s why 55% of new or renovated products in 2017 have an improved environmental or social profile thanks to packaging with a lower environmental footprint and Lancôme polyethylene tubing, Kiehl’s PET bottles and Biotherm recycled glass jars are just a few great examples.

In order to answer all these expectations and constraints, brands must innovate continuously. Packaging is therefore more than ever a key vector of this innovation and our Interns are part of the key drivers to reinforce the partnership with our suppliers and accelerate packaging innovation. As part of our Operations Interns Summer Series, we are putting a spotlight on interns from various expertises, such as Supply Chain, Development, Buying, Digital Operations, Quality and Packaging. Today get to know Josephine, L’Oréal Purchasing Packaging Intern, who shares her story.

My name is Josephine, I’m 24 and I’m studying at Kedge Business School, in France. I’m an apprentice in the L’Oréal Packaging Purchasing team working for one of the luxury brands — Helena Rubinstein. My role is to buy all the packaging for the Skin & Make Up products of the brand.

I love sports, especially team and winter sports! I will let you imagine the quantity of memorable falls in wake board or ski I have made and you have the right to laugh a lot :)

Fun & Collaborative — Team Spirit — Aspiration

I’m working on one specific Helena Rubinstein’s product launch for 2018–2019. For this project I am in charge of the whole launch in terms of the packaging purchasing. I’m really lucky because the launch is very complex, which give me an additional challenge.

My main roles is to ensure the date of availability on the market, to help to find the best price for the packaging and also help in case of crisis management. I’m part of the project team and together with the team I am actively involved in various meetings concerning the launch — marketing briefs, meetings with the development, packaging, or supply chain teams. However, most of all I am excited about this project because there is also an element of a new product innovation involved that has enabled me to reference a provider and to integrate that at L’Oréal.

I think the best innovation I have seen regarding the industry 4.0 is the delayed differentiation in the factory which allows to buy all the same holders and then to differentiate them in the factory for the number of color. This innovation allows us to be more agile and competitive.

Before joining L’Oréal, I was not aware how much the group strives to be visionary and ahead of the game when it comes to innovation and sustainability topics. These topics drive all the collaborators at L’Oréal.

I heard about L’Oréal thanks to some of my friends who did an internship in Purchasing. As they really loved their experiences because of the culture the mindset that is engraved in the company — innovation, entrepreneurship, open-mindedness and so on — I decided to apply.

Be yourself! If you are cooperative with an entrepreneurial spirit and a spark of innovator mindset you will do great at L’Oréal :)

Inspired by Josephine’s story? At L’Oréal Operations improving the packaging profile of our products is both a priority and a challenge, if you want to join us and be one of our heroes, learn more about our Operations careers here:

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