Meet One Of The Young Leaders Guiding L’Oréal Through This Tech Age

We are in an age where technology is everything. The single most disruptive force reshaping today’s industries is disruption itself. Change is the only thing permanent — changing customer behaviors and expectations, technology, digitalization, and a long list of disrupters fundamentally changing the way our business operates, the alliances we forge and the speed at which we grow.

At L’Oréal technology is at the heart of our inventions transforming the future of Beauty. Behind all of our innovations and technological advances are a great bunch of people working together to make sure we stay ahead of the game. Marc, Head of Digital IT at L’Oréal Canada, is one of these incredible people!

5 years ago, while surfing the net I landed on this very appealing business analyst opening on the L’Oréal Careers website, which I pursued — It then took three months, four interviews, 20 smiles, 10 handshakes and some practice on “how to look cool in an interview when you don’t know the answer”… until I landed myself the job. That’s when my journey began!

I have an Entomophobia, google it.

(So we did as Marc said and googled it… turns out he has a serious fear of insects… luckily he doesn’t come across any at work :D

Working in a multinational company that develops talent was very appealing to me. You can stay in the same country and work virtually with 158 nationalities speaking 58 different languages or you can broaden your horizons across border — in person while being part of an international short or long term assignments. Add to that the reputation L’Oréal had amongst my network of ex-classmates as a leader in the industry where you can achieve your goals by having autonomy and it was a no brainer to apply to L’Oréal!

The level of the entrepreneurial spirit. One would never believe to have it in a company as big as L’Oréal.

But here you are — the resources of an industry leader and the agility and autonomy of a lean start-up where those around you inspires you to become the best you can be because they are in tune with their passion.

I firmly believe that you don’t need to start the next Facebook to exhibit the qualities of having the entrepreneurial spirit. It’s something you exhibit every day in how you approach your life and career.

At L’Oréal you never get bored that’s for sure, because we are continually questioning why things are done the way they are and aren’t afraid to go against the majority to make changes. No day is ever the same at L’Oréal, something we definitely pride ourselves in!

Transparency and open communication with the team are essential. I believe in leading by example and being hands-on, it’s so important for me to understand what my team is doing and how they’re getting on so I can understand their challenges and be aware of what really drives them. I always encourage my team to go out and act on their ideas first to get real feedback. That’s because ideas are meaningless when it comes down to success or failure until they are acted on.

I believe that in today’s digitally disrupted world, the age of a leader should matter less.

Youth is a strength, it very often brings change, and change is good! The hard part is that people have the perception that young leaders lack experience; communicating well to show that you understand the context and staying open-minded are ways to counter this.

The team is responsible for platforms and projects related to CRM, E-Commerce, E-Marketing and Retail for L’Oréal Canada. The profiles and roles in our team are very diverse, but collectively we are all: passionate about what we do, fast learners, intrapreneurs, curious, experts, hungry about learning new things and driven by innovation. In the team, you’ll find full-stack developers, digital architects, project manager/scrum masters, and business analysts. Quite the collection of digitally and tech savvy people! The team definitely plays a key role in L’Oréal’s digital acceleration. This might sound cliché, but all together, we really make a great team.

The deployment of CRM Lite and Marketing Automation with a centralized customers database across 10 L’Oréal brands in a single year is something I’m particularly proud of. The success of this project allowed us to offer a better experience to our customers with a more personalized one-to-one experience.

Whatever you say, millennials will listen to you for 3 seconds (it takes one to know one). In saying that, my 3 sec message to future L’Oréal talent:

Be yourself and take smart risks!

Khoi, Director, Media & Data Optimization. He is someone who is successful yet humble, very pragmatic, an intrapreneur, and has this inspiring capacity of detecting opportunities very quickly.

If Marc’s story has captured your imagination and you’d like to pursue a career at L’Oréal then check out our careers site. Here you’ll find everything careers oriented from jobs available to a Coaching Centre where we give you some tips on getting your foot in the door!

If you’re an impact seeking inventor, a driver of disruption, join us to lead the Beauty innovation to the next level

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