Meet Patricia, International Project Manager Apprentice for Diversity & Inclusion.

In L’Oréal’s people-centered culture, the diversity of the teams is one of our success factors. Concerning this we at L’Oréal aim to become one of the world leaders in the management of diversity, working with the Diversity and Inclusion team to acheive this ambition is Patricia. You can imagine that working in this area of such a global enterprise is quite fulfilling, hear from her on he adventure working with many people and cultures everyday from all walks of life!

Tell us more about yourself:

I am Patricia, International Project Manager Apprentice for Diversity & Inclusion team. I was born in Porto, I lived in Lisbon and then I come to Paris! I’m half Spanish, half Portuguese (I know very caliente origins). I’ve studied Sciences of Communications at the Sorbonne University and now I’m at NEOMA Business School.

Someone I know told me:

“At L’Oréal you work a lot, but you also learn a lot about yourself.”

When you’ve a job like mine, you’re constantly in front of some cultural problems, discrimination and even racism. So yes, I learn a lot about myself, and who I am with other people, especially with people with disabilities. So, choosing a company like L’Oréal, is not always about perfume and make-up, it’s pretty often about humans, and determination.

What are your key responsibilities?

I’m in charge of the communication for Diversity &Inclusion at L’Oréal, this subject is moving every day, we’re impacted by the external environment and as a pioneer company on this topic we need to keep doing actions and innovate constantly! I need to be able to understand the details of L’Oréal’s commitment to Diversity & Inclusion, find the best time and the best way to communicate about it. Diversity & Inclusion is a strategic topic for L’Oréal, my role as international project manager apprentice is to make sure that this conviction is shared by everybody inside the company and recognized by the external environment.

Describe your team

We’re a little team of 4, and we’re in charge of the International Diversity & Inclusion for the Group. We work together every day, we exchange practices, help each other and we never get bored (promise!).

What is the coolest part about being International Project Manager Apprentice?

I work with many different people and cultures every day! Every project is a new adventure! For instance take a look at my team, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Brazilian, American and French of course! It is a great group of diverse people from different backgrounds bringing a unique perspective to how we manage Diversity at L’Oréal.

What has been the biggest challenge you have faced since you arrived to L’Oréal?

I’m an introverted person, so networking is not really my kind of thing (yes I know, I’m working on Communication, I know…) (oh and I’m working on it!) and it’s something very important when you work at L’Oréal. So I pick example on one of my colleagues, she’s a really good communicative person, and she loves lunch with new people, she take me sometimes and after all I knew that’s not so difficult!

What’s the best advice to succeed you have got since you joined L’Oréal?

“You’ve got the choice: wait for it or do it yourself.”

As a project manager, you work with many providers, and sometimes the delivery time is not respected. So when this time arrives, you can’t just wait, you need act and do something to fix it.

3 fun facts about you

  • I loveeeeee sleep! Like a marmot literally!
  • I’m a traveler addict (and food addict during travels) (and when I’m not traveling too)! My favorite place is South of New Zealand for sure, the beauty of the nature is incredible… No Words!
  • I read a lot! My favorite book is “Into the wild”

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