Meet Robin, Our Super Customer & Credit Care Intern!

Have you ever thought about artificial intelligence within the biggest beauty company in the world? Have you ever imagined that interns could drive such projects?? Augmented reality and artificial intelligence for beauty are a reality here at L’Oréal and our interns have autonomy in their projects to create and innovate. As part of our Operations Interns Summer Series, we’ll meet our amazing interns in Supply Chain, Development, Buying, Digital Operations, Quality and Packaging. Let’s get inside the Supply Chain and Finance world meeting Robin, our Customer & Credit Care intern, based in Paris, who shares his story!

Tell us a little bit more about you, Robin!

I am Robin, Global Customer & Credit Care intern at L’Oréal. I come from a small village in the South West of France where I grew up with a rugby ball in hands until my 18 years old. Then I moved to Bordeaux for my years of preparatory class before moving to Lille to study engineering. I have discovered the logistics field in Asia last year, where I was in internship in Lao PDR. This led me to choose the Supply Chain Management as major for my last year at school, with a second major in finance, the perfect mix to join L’Oréal in the Global Customer & Credit Care team.

Give us some fun facts about yourself!

For the first time, people are not joking about my accent from the south… people prefer joking about the Belgium and Canadian accents of my colleagues.

Give us 3 emojis to describe your team!

Because it is a smart team, with very different profiles (from sales, finance, and engineering) but they manage to work well together!

Because of the good working atmosphere!

Because finally, our team is kind of a small family!

Describe a project you’re working on

I am currently working on the deployment of a new Key Performance Indicator in Europe: the On Time Fill Rate (OTFR). More precisely, I am working on the building of a Power BI template that could help users in different affiliates to visualize their results quicker. That is interesting to build something that could help people. I appreciate how my team give me real responsibilities. For example, I presented that project during a workshop with Key Account Supply Chain Manager coming from all over Europe for the occasion in Paris!

We all know that L’Oréal is at the leading edge of industry 4.0. Can you tell us about the innovation that stroke you the most?

I will talk about BOB, our small friend who is doing predictive maintenance with Artificial Intelligence. Bob was our project for the Co’Op competition organized for interns of L’Oréal Operations. Bob gave us the victory, so I think this is a good innovation. Bob can reduce machine stop time and can reallocate working time of maintenance workers on more value added activities.

Have your perceptions about L’Oréal changed from what you knew about L’Oréal before?

The image of the company was good for me before I joined it and I’m learning more and more about it. It’s always surprising in the good way! Something surprising about this company is also its engagements: for example, Sharing Beauty with All, the L’Oréal sustainability program, that is at the heart of the company.

Your started at L’Oréal as an intern- where did you hear about us and why did you choose us?

I met a L’Oréal recruiter on the campus of my school. I also knew that L’Oréal is the key player in the beauty world worldwide! What I really like at L’Oréal is that you are surrounded by a lot of young people, with good energy and with whom you can share easily. I also appreciate that the company takes care about people, there are many events organized in order to create the best atmosphere possible. You will never feel left out at L’Oréal.

One tip to be hired for an internship at L’Oréal Operations

To be open-minded, curious and also creative, creativity is a bit the watchword of L’Oréal, even when you are an engineer. 😉

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