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Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a LinkedIn Manager of a large company, a small company, or even a start-up? In honour of our 3 millionth follower this week, we caught up with a few L’Oréal LinkedIn (LI) Managers of the past and present to show you the ‘day-in-the-life’ of social media manager, and of course to give you some of our favourite tips to help you in creating your own amazing and engaging LI content!

Something that is cool about L’Oréal, is that we’re very hands on! We do so much of our social media work in house, with just myself, my colleague and our intern. From filming of events, organising photoshoots with employees, video creation and editing, to copywriting, paid media and community Management… there’s no limit to what we do at our Global HQ. It’s a great way to see all sides to working in social media, and to be involved in such a diverse range of topics.

Our goal was, and still is to build the employer brand and reputation of the Group. Through our content, we wanted to break the stereotypes about working at L’Oréal, such as the notion that we’re a very feminine corporate company only creating lipsticks. We do this by showing a much more human face to the company, a face made up of diverse individuals from all walks of life. Our content strategy is aligned with our recruitment goals, to attract different profiles to join L’Oréal, and target profiles in key functions, such as Digital and Operations.

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When I first started my role in 2017, we only communicated on LinkedIn to a global audience. Then we realized that creating content to specific geographical audiences could be a great way to offer even more personalized and relevant content. So we started to work with our teams to create country/ zone specific content, choosing countries where we had the biggest audience on LinkedIn, such as Brazil, the United States, Spain…and then gradually, we onboarded more countries to our content strategy.

I was really fortunate to be able to visit our offices in Brazil, India, and Germany for instance, to meet the local teams, understand their needs, create video and written interviews with employees, and take pictures of our beautiful offices! If you don’t have the option (especially in 2020 😷) to visit and meet with your local clients, spend time in virtual meetings to really get to know them. What is the local audience like? Is a particular channel, format, or type of content that’s more popular? If you’re working in a large company like us, it’s really important you understand your audience (around the world) and your clients.

LinkedIn is an extremely interesting platform, it combines several aspects of other media: the hot news of twitter, the importance of the aesthetics of Instagram, the very linked community of Facebook. You get a lot of things in one single platform; the info, the inspiration, the news… it’s quite rich. LinkedIn is a rather positive media with a predominant human sense, I find it fascinating that millions of professionals are using one platform to build relations, boost their careers, inspire others, and grow!

Definitely not 😉 It’s true that I (the current LI manager) studied communications and marketing, but I worked in Human Resources for the first part of my career; and my LI manager colleagues before me have majored in finance, Innovation (design thinking), and history. I think that my colleagues and I can agree that what really helps you succeed as a LI manager are a few key elements:

  • a passion for people (our audience); what moves them, inspires them, what their desires are, and how they express them,
  • a broad understanding outside of social media; the business, the industry, the professional ecosystem, the seasonality of content and the changes in the algorithm,
  • a sense of enthusiasm and adventure in communication and,
  • an eye and passion for aesthetics, our previous LI manager sums it up best:

I am a person who lives in constant wonderment, I am captured by beauty everywhere — creating for me is an opportunity to turn my daydreaming into content and see it materialized, it’s more a pleasure than a job. Working as a content creator and social media manager also allows me to constantly explore two of my biggest interests creativity and psychology.

There are many elements to consider when creating engaging posts, but there are two essentials you cannot ignore. A, a powerful visual! Your visual should be able to tell a story by itself. I recommend using pictures with one central focus point and cleaner around the edges. Also, the colors of the image are key, I personally run from yellow, low greens and whites, It’s been proved that our brains normally skip those! ;). B, a catchy caption! Continue telling the story that your visual initiated, it can be an interesting fact, a question, a little hook, a trigger for emotion… engagement comes from sparking interest in those who read your post.

Yes, and on any social media, whether a professional or personal account, what’s really important is to create a unique personal brand. Your LinkedIn profile is a live window into your brand! Your banner, profile picture and summary should work as an “elevator pitch” in which you show who you are and what you have to offer.

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I loved sharing interviews with our employees, so our audience could meet the people who truly make L’Oréal, L’Oréal. I loved interviewing colleagues and discovering the passions they had outside of work, which was often the source of creativity they could bring to their roles at L’Oréal.

🔍 Explore, try new things every once in a while and never underestimate the power of inspiration.

👽 Dare to do what the others don’t, as the social media world and content is so saturated.

🛌 Disconnect and take time away from social media from time to time (trust us!)

💋 Bonus tip: Check your privacy settings before you search your Tinder matches, you’d be amazed by the whole range of options LinkedIn provides you with ;)

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