Key Lessons to Build a Champion Culture

This weekend more than 450+ L’Oréal employees came together from 16 different countries to be part of the L’Oréal World Cup 2018. For the first time, our USA and Canada teams joined us, making it a truly global event. For us football and volleyball are more than just great sports, it is a leadership bootcamp. Nothing teaches us character, loyalty, discipline, teamwork and leadership like team sports.

You don’t get the culture you want, you get the culture you build

Championship culture doesn’t just spontaneously arise on its own. At L’Oréal the culture is being built and sustained by coaches and captains like the ones at the L’Oréal World Cup 2018 who focus on their teams day in and day out helping the L’Oréal group of 36 iconic brands to build a winning culture. As Enrique, Finance Manager at L’Oréal Luxe Spain, says:

“You don’t get the culture you want, you get the culture you build. As a leader, you are responsible for creating a winning culture that drives positive behavior and produces results.”

Develop strong core values and beliefs

It’s important to cultivate the core values essential for long term success that championship teams stand for and embrace. Our L’Oréal sport teams have a set of core beliefs they have built their championatship around over the last 7 years and that they apply on everyday basis — on and off the field.

“You learn that without respect, winning doesn’t mean anything. You learn to never put another player down.Without respecting others you cannot get anywhere. Strong people never put others down; they lift them up. Sports teach our teams just that.”

“Great coaching is just as important to success in the office as on the field.”

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