Go Wild At L’Oréal Brazil — Not Only Fridays!

L’Oréal Brazil are really making the most of casual Fridays. All across L’Oréal Brazilian head office and factories*, our male colleagues can embrace sporting colourful shorts. To add to that Friday feeling every day, their weekend starts an hour earlier on Fridays with the head office closing at 5PM, and factories at 4PM.

It’s about what you do, not what you wear

The initiative is aligned with L’Oréal’s Share & Care program, which focusses on the health and well-being of employees.

“Many reasons have led us to make this decision — one of them is the heat, we seek to increase the well-being of employees, and we provide a more informal work environment, which is also a trend in the market. We care more about the productivity of employees than how they dress. The cool thing is that we have seen the adhesion of all age groups- it’s not a niche action just for our junior colleagues,” explains Patricia, Director of Compensation and Benefits.

What have employees been saying about the new dress code?

“By granting us a greater freedom of style by permitting the use of shorts, L’Oréal has shown confidence in the employees. In addition, the possibility of being ourselves in the work environment improves our identification with the company”. Raphael, Digital Marketing Manager DPGP

“I’m happy to know that L’Oréal cares about the comfort of us employees, regardless of their formal style of being. What matters is what we have to offer and not the way we dress” says Yago, Management Trainee

Fábio, Brazil Human Resources Director believes the initiative goes beyond simple short.

“The corporate world is still conservative in some respects but, for me, releasing shorts in Rio summer is more an attitude of respect thanof innovation. Let’s understand now how the initiative works for us, but I think the shorts are here to stay.”

So what could be next… flip-flops??

*All guys can wear shorts every day except those in factories who wear PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).

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