How did Miracle Cushion go from idea to reality? Discover the professions that made it happen

In the beginning was a consumer insight: the call for perfection in an instant, an immaculate complexion with the lightest of touch-ups. But what product could offer the practicality of a compact and the cover of a liquid foundation? The Marketing team set about a bold plan: to bring the latest Asian revolution in complexion make-up within every woman’s reach. It would develop a new kind of cushion foundation: Miracle Cushion.

From product conception to in-store promotion, the Marketing team orchestrated the launch, working closely with Packaging, Operations, Communications, Digital and Training to ensure a coherent launch with an impactful message.

An innovative product demands innovative packaging and Miracle Cushion is the ultimate example. First, an air-tight seal ensures constant freshness. Then, the delicate structure of the groundbreaking polyurethane pad applicator holds just the right dose at its surface so only the correct amount will ever be released.

But the true challenge was the cushion itself: thousands of tiny air holes optimise the formula’s absorption into the sponge. At the same time fairly large chambers are designed to contain a significant amount of fluid, releasing just the right dose for each application. What may look like an ordinary compact is in fact a small feat of design ingenuity down to the very last detail.

When does a product truly become a product? When it goes into production, of course. That’s where the Operations teams came in, scaling up the product model. Combining robotics and hand-assembly on the production line, the Operations teams transformed Miracle Cushion from a prototype into the product that we see on shelves today.

For Miracle Cushion, Lancôme’s Interactive team wanted to do something that the brand had never done before: create the most consumer-centric campaign yet. Working closely with Marketing, they defined and executed a multi-faceted digital strategy for Miracle Cushion. Their elegant video campaign upheld Lancôme’s French spirit while their imaginative Instagram competition boosted consumer engagement. Click on the link below to discover more:

For a product launch to be a success, you’ve got to have awareness. In a world where new products abound, this presents a major challenge. To spread the word about Lancôme’s latest innovation among influencers, the Lancôme Communications team built a strategy centred around a stunning Miracle Cushion book and an intimate press day. Discover the six key steps of their plan here:

Sometimes there’s something intimidating about a new product. What’s it for? How do you use it? For Miracle Cushion, the Training team came up with some great tools to spark consumers’ curiousity and help beauty advisers inform them about this new arrival. Find out all about the role Training played in the launch of Miracle Cushion here:

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