The Secret To Feeling Energized At L’Oréal? Autonomy And Entrepreneurial Spirit

We couldn’t help but notice the joie de vivre in the way Julie talks about her work when we first spoke to her. This got us curious - what does happiness at L’Oréal for Julie mean? For Julie, it’s about autonomy and entrepreneurial spirit.

Learn more about Julie, Social/Digital Activation & Merchandising Manager, working on one of our iconic brands — NYX Professional Makeup.

“There is no correlation between the size of your business and entrepreneurship. It’s an attitude of mind.” — Julie

I’m often called crazy due to my addiction to sports. I go to the gym religiously, every morning at 6am before work. On the weekends I push it to 10 or 11am.

It sounds crazy but it gives me energy for the day, releasing endorphins trigger that positive feeling :) (No doubt adding to Julie’s happiness at L’Oréal!)

Travelling. I can’t even imagine a trimester without going abroad. It’s beyond a passion, it’s a need!

The great thing about my job at NYX Professional Makeup is the travel opportunities. I’m often en route to Paris, Los Angeles is also a frequent trip, at least 2 to 3 times a year. I love it!

I studied Corporate Communication at the University of Brussels and got my Master’s Degree there. After that I did a one-year Master’s Program in Journalism at the University of Louvain. Then, I completed an internship at L’Oréal Belgium as PR intern for the Luxury Products Division.

After my internship, I worked for three years at VF Corporation on Kipling in Digital Marketing, first as a Marketing Assistant,then as Digital Marketing Coordinator.

Following this, I received a call from L’Oréal Belgium regarding a great job opportunity in Digital. Just two months later, I was back.

First, I was the Digital Marketing Manager for the whole Consumer Products Division (L’Oréal Paris, Garnier, Maybelline, Essie) — team of one.

A year later , with the growing importance of digital, resources increased and a new person joined me.

As Digital Marketing Manager, I managed all digital assets, platforms and media investments.

I then became Social/Digital Activation Manager for NYX in Belgium — a tag team on a mission to increase brand awareness and create buzz about a brand unknown to Belgium.

This year, I became Social/Digital Activation & Merchandising Manager NYX Professional Makeup supervising the Junior Project Manager, Retail.

It’s a lot of work but it’s a great feeling to be part of this exciting journey. It’s also very rewarding, as I absolutely love working on NYX Professional Makeup!

People! They’re contageously energetic. We work hard, but we have a good laugh and show genuine concern for each other.

They did, very positively.

Here autonomy and responsibilities are handed to you from the moment you start. I love that at L’Oréal the management set the strategic direction and then allow us to determine how to get from A to Z.

Let’s face it! It is challenging at times. Being in such a fast paced industry where changes happen in a matter of minutes,your blood pressure can and will rise! Then again, it’s very rewarding to work towards a common goal. Winning is fun and it’s rarely easy to get there. That’s why we celebrate the wins we have with some great social activities, team-building events, happy hours and other “play harder” opportunities that are part of our culture.

The power of saying ‘No’.

When starting in a new company, you want to stand out and please everyone. I’m a perfectionist so I tend to overcommit. But it is important to set boundaries and to focus priorities. That means sometimes saying ‘no’ , to time consuming tasks of little added value.

The opening of the very first NYX Professional Makeup store in Belgium. The emotional connection we create with team mates while working on delivering the project as well as the excitement that we see in our customer’s faces once the store is opened is unforgettable. It’s that positive contribution to others and making progress every day that is super energizing.

If Julie’s story has captured your imagination and you’d like to pursue a career at L’Oréal then check out our careers site. Here you’ll find everything careers oriented from jobs available to a Coaching Centre where we give you some tips on getting your foot in the door!

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