Three key behaviours to unlock your learning potential

At L’Oréal, learning never stops. That’s why we hire lifelong learners and support them in doing what they love. Considering that two thirds of tomorrow’s jobs do not yet exist and that the job and business markets are changing rapidly,we need to equip current and future employees on how to adapt to these changes.

Learning ‘how to learn’ is just as important as learning itself. It takes skill and motivation to want to learn in the first place- nailing this sets us up for success when it comes to learning something new! Learning how to learn allows you to grow and evolve, instead of putting up with changes. It also helps you move forward as a person with a sense of confidence, security, curiosity and enthusiasm.

So… we’re going to show you the three pillars which will transform your learning, and show you learning can be as easy as baking a cake if you follow these simple steps!

1. Will and commitment to efforts

To really make a success of your learning, you need to be committed to practice at every opportunity:

Personal motivation We learn better when we want to! The good news is that there are many motivators for us to use, for example:

a. The joy of discovery

b. The positive feeling that occurs from learning a new topic

c. Professional needs

d. Being part of a community

If you want to know the scientific wizardry behind it, the motivators provide a dopamine response, inducing a feeling of pleasure while you learn. This association with pleasure from learning, gives you the motivation to do more. This is the best tactic to combat pesty procrastination! Just like when you taste a nice cake, you associate it with the feeling of pleasure making you want to eat more (lots more).

Deliberate practice Alongside the motivation to learn, we also have to practice what we have learnt. The more attention and emphasis given to learning, the higher the chance it will be a great success. Think of it like baking the perfect cake!

Consistency and repetitions

Some of our training in action!

The second pillar is about training. To be able to recall the knowledge, you should repeat and constantly practice the knowledge stored.

Consistent and continuous practice can be very helpful when it comes to making learning part of your daily routine.

Why not block time in your daily calendar to focus ond developing a new skill? Or meeting a new colleague every day to learn about what they do?

Humility and analyzing achievements

Our final pillar deals with reflection on your learning. Learning entails having a fresh eye and adopting a new perspective. This means stepping out of your comfort zone, which is never an easy task. It is important here to have humility when reflecting; this will help you address new topics, and be open to fresh ways of thinking.

New Persepctives!

Alongside being open to new topics, regularly assessing the knowledge acquired is the key to sustainable learning. Ask yourself: ‘What have I learned? Am I self sufficient? Am I able to integrate this practice into my work? How can I pass on my knowledge?

Think of it as testing your cake to see if it‘s cooked, rather than eating it too early, it’s better to create a mini test just in case! This helps you to objectively test whether you are learning as much as you hope! This self-diagnosis and introspective analysis enables one to learn from mistakes, failures or difficulties and create markers for your own learning process.

Learning how to learn means entering a virtuous circle gradually building a personal store of knowledge, behaviours which you will draw on to in order to perform more efficiently and have the opportunity to evolve with your job.

At L’Oréal, we support our employees as much as we can in their personal development and learning. Here’s how:

A collaborative environment

Through the environment we create, the culture of aiding and assisting colleagues is one we pride ourselves on L’Oréal. The fact that you can never succeed alone, and that we’re a company of diverse skills and backgrounds really fosters a collaborative learning environment. An example of this is our reverse mentoring programme, where millenial colleagues are paired with senior management to upskill them on digital.

Cultural integration

To better support and on-board new employees all throughout the world, we have developed our new FIT culture app, that helps newcomers in decode, understand and master company culture.

Digital upskilling

More than 14,000 people have already benefited from the “Digital Upskilling Plan”, a massive training programme to build digital expertise at grassroots level and integrate it into all functions on an everyday basis.

So there you go, all the ingredients you need to make your learning journey a success. If you feel like you need more help, watch our interactive video on learning how to learn here!

If you think a company, which supports you fully in your personal and professional development, is one for you. Visit our careers site and read more on how our employees benefit from our support.




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If you’re an impact seeking inventor, a driver of disruption, join us to lead the Beauty innovation to the next level

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