What Does A HR Learning Intern At L’Oréal Look Like ?

An international background is definitely seen as an asset at L’Oréal. As a group with over 160 locations to choose from be certain that your team mates at L’Oréal are bound to be from all over the world, having an acceptance and understanding of other cultures is a part of life here. For Lola an Argentinian now living in Paris this couldn’t be truer. Having completed studies in New York and Paris she now finds herself in Learning at L’Oréal.

As an International Learning Intern at L’Oréal Lola is working in the international scope and gets to see the complexity of such a big group, and how talented the people working in it are. Of course, the aim of the Learning department is to support and further develop our talents, spread the L’Oréal culture and share the best practices that will help us achieve that! Having as diverse a background as Lola does leans to a greater understanding of how learning in a global group works.

Lola went from studying in NYC to Paris to working at L’Oréal.

I chose L’Oréal because I believe it’s a place where I can grow, learn, and contribute, and where I know everybody is striving for excellence. The beauty industry is growing, but most importantly, it’s always changing.

I love to work in a dynamic and fast-paced place, and the Learning department in particular needs to be on top of current trends to anticipate the group’s future needs, and based on that, develop an upskilling strategy.

“You wouldn’t expect such a big company to maintain a start-up spirit, but entrepreneurship and collaboration are extremely valued at L’Oréal, and the way of working is not as top-down as you might think”.

There is an initiative the HR Interns participate in called Interpreneurs where we have to come up with ideas related to improving Life at L’Oréal for our people under the theme of Happiness at Work. Initiatuives like this are a prime example of this entrepeneurship mentality seen throughout the group.

Here is Lola and her Interpreneurs team.

My key responsibilities include promoting Learning, ensuring the communication between the zones and the divisions (for example through monthly newsletters), developing emailing strategies to attract collaborators to use the online resources available on our My Learning platform, and making sure that information and the learning offer are readily available and easily accessible when needed by the managers.

Internal communications between the zones and divisions in terms of the direction we’re taking in Learning are a key part of the job, because you need to make sure that everybody is going in the same direction and working towards the same goals.

My team is super cool! It’s quite diverse in terms of age and seniority in the group, so we can always learn from one another. We also have quite different academic backgrounds and fields of expertise. Laurent Reich, the Learning Practice International Director, for example, is an engineer!

Also, people are always available to give feedback on a project if someone asks, and it’s done in an open and transparent way. People at L’Oréal in general are not afraid to speak their minds, and that’s what helps improve the final product (whatever it might be), because we pay attention to detail.

The coolest part about being in HR Learning is the international aspect of it. Every day, you interact with people in different zones, with different needs in terms of talent development. In a way it’s about sharing and spreading the global Learning vision while taking into account the specific needs of the teams in the local markets.

Being a perfectionist, you can sometimes get stuck on small details that obviously matter, like I said before, but you still need to be able to deliver things on time, because things move very quickly at L’Oréal.

So I guess the biggest challenge has been finding that balance where you are always giving your best but you can also learn and accept if you make a mistake. If some area of your work has to be improved, the best way to overcome it is by not being afraid to address it as such and really getting into the “learning by doing” mindset. Adopting the “test and learn” approach has helped me to see that taking your job seriously doesn’t mean you can’t experiment in your role.

The best advice I got since I joined L’Oréal was to reach out to and talk to people to better understand their needs. Networking is important, but it’s not just about “making connections”: it’s about understanding the key aspects of a job and how you can work with someone if you have a common project. Great ideas can stem from collaboration, so sharing with others and knowing how to listen will definitely help you to succeed in your job.

1) I used to do theatre even though I can be quite shy!

2) I love learning new languages, and I’m thinking about which one I should try to tackle next…

3) My top favorite things to do are travelling, reading, and going to concerts!

“Don’t be afraid to test and learn”.

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