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What Is A Talent Acquisition Intern? Ask Roman!

As an intern in the International Talent Acquisition -Tools and Global Projects Roman is part of very exciting international projects aimed at deployment of tools and features that digitalize recruitment for our Talent Acquisition teams worldwide. He is concerned with making them more efficient and impacting the candidate experience in a positive way. If you’re looking for an international, people-oriented internship aimed at concrete performance results then read on!

Tell us more about yourself:

Ever since that experience, I have preferred living, bonding and working with international people. It’s the best combo in terms of challenging oneself and always trying to learn from others.

Why did you choose L’Oréal?

I had an amazing candidate experience. It’s as simple as that.

I remember going to the job board I’d check every day to find my dream job posting in a foreign country, and spotted a L’Oréal HR Internship ad that made me want to be an internpreneur in the twinkling of an eye! It divided HR in 8 areas (Learning, Talent Acquisition…) and hinted at how essential HR is in the group. I liked that L’Oréal, a household name and 108-year-old company displayed such a passion for innovation and a vivid interest in the growth of its people. I was convinced; I wanted to “make talent my business”.

The rest of my process was smooth and engaging. I had caught a glimpse through my interviews of what working at L’Oréal was like, and I was hooked! Commitment, collaboration, energy, and vision is what awaited me at L’Oréal.

What are your key responsibilities?

I work on a project to empower our recruiters on the tool and upskill one recruiter per country on the tool so he or she can boost his or her team’s usage and be more efficient!

I’m doing my best to spot ways to develop our tool. Making it more relevant to our recruiters’ usage is also a priority — so it requires a lot of interesting discussions with our tool provider on how to customize this ATS for our L’Oréal recruiters.

Describe your team

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Thought the tour was finished? Now, let’s go across the hall where you have another office (in this one you can spot the Sacré Coeur, not too bad, right?) and two other talented colleagues: Cedric and Guillaume, our two favorite geeks. One is a French Canadian Digital Recruitment specialist, while the other is a French and Dutch Data specialist and entrepreneur.

The team is very young, international, and thrilling to be part of.

What is the coolest part about being International Talent Acquisition — Tools and Global Projects Intern?

This tool’s interconnected and federative power goes beyond simple usage, it induces strategy and develops new visions of the recruitment process and experience for many actors: the recruiter, the hiring manager, and you, the applicants and candidates, at the heart of our activity!

What has been the biggest challenge you have faced since you arrived at L’Oréal?

What’s the best advice to succeed you have got since you joined L’Oréal?

3 fun facts about you?

I love travelling. Which is in no way original, but what I love about it is that the smallest details when I’m on a trip amaze me — Last year I went to Sri Lanka, and my best memory was trying to get in a swimming pool but being too intimidated to do so by monkeys that acted like it was their property. Capturing this moment was cooler than taking a dip.

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I was elected prom king during my school year in the US! Never saw it as a popularity contest, it was a confirmation that I had bonded and connected well with people during my time spent there!

Are you inspired by Roman’s story? Why not check out our opportunity to be the next International Talent Acquisition Intern or our other fantastic opportunities as a HR intern or apprentice, here:

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