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What it Takes to Lead the Beauty Revolution in Indonesia

Have you heard of Beauty Tech? If not, don’t worry! Beauty Tech is all about bringing the worlds of beauty and technology together to create new ways of personalization and customization to the beauty industry… and it’s happening right here in Indonesia! Unifying beauty and technology will bring tremendous transformation for us at L’Oréal Indonesia so we sat with Diana and Miranti from our e-commerce team to learn about their secret recipe to how we’ll get navigate this incredibly exciting change.

What are some of the major changes you have seen with the beauty tech transformation?

As society has embraced more diverse standards of beauty, L’Oréal has completely transformed the way we work. The first change is our team culture… I would say that there is a major mindset shift happening among our employees, from a more traditional approach to be more digital.

Aside from that, we also see that now the consumer has more options (product choices, omni-channels, payment method, etc.) as well as being hyper-connected through social media. L’Oréal is now focusing its strategy to be more consumer centric because our digitalization will ultimately revolutionize the way we interact with consumers; so we are working very closely with top e-commerce partners to bring this technology directly to our consumer.

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What is the most important ingredient in your recipe of transformation success?

Well, transforming the beauty industry in Indonesia is no easy task! Not only do you need to have a great leader for this change but more importantly you will need a strong team. At L’Oréal, we believe that teams are the real heroes! Large projects can only be truly achieved through team collaboration that boosts collective intelligence and performance, and that is definitely the case during this transformation! Our teams are here through every moment, pushing us up when we were feeling down and helping us achieve our ambitious dreams!

What kind of teams and skills are leading you through this change?

Our teams always empower each other to have a great collaboration since this is the main asset in achieving a great transformation. In this digital transformation, we can start with our very own Head of e-commerce, Diane and our Head of Channel Direct E-Commerce, Miranti. Knowing that e-commerce can be quite unpredictable and volatile, this role requires high flexibility and adaptability. As the leaders, they have big responsibility to empower and provide overall support to the team, as well as plan and drive the progress leading us to success!

Alfan, our Junior Digital Manager who has big responsibility to monitor consumer conversation and identify online trends, requires skills such as a sense of curiosity and data analytics to success in the role. We also have our Head of Channel for Lazada, Rizqi. He has been with the company for more than five years and his main task now is to drive and maintain our e-commerce business in one of our biggest partners. It is crucial for his role to have networking, communication, and negotiation skills to accomplish the shared goals.

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What are some of the success stories of your team’s efforts?

Through amazing collaboration, our digital team drove a ‘first of its kind’ partnership with e-commerce giants Shopee and Lazada alongside Google. Some of the innovative projects that have been launched through these partnership include:

Shopee BeautyCam — A complete make-up service in one app

With the acquisition of ModiFace in 2018, now our consumers in Indonesia can play and try different shades of Maybelline New York, L’Oréal Paris and NYX Professional Makeup on Shopee before they buy, including foundation, mascara, eyebrows, eye shadows and lipsticks. We aim to make online shopping seamless and easy with BeautyCam. (Try here!)

Lazada Livestream for Paris Fashion Week

During the recent Paris Fashion Week sponsored by L’Oréal Paris, through Lazada Livestream, L’Oréal started the concept ofshoppertainment “see now buy now” that allows customers to get L’Oréal Paris products directly while watching livestreaming from Paris only with pressing the browse button or add to cart. The purchased items will be delivered to the shopper’s home right after purchase.

YouTube AR Beauty Try-On

YouTube and L’Oréal are taking the shopping experience to the next level with the new AR Try-on feature that is designed to be used in a split-screen experience while YouTube viewers watch the video and shop. Built with machine learning and AR technology, it offers a realistic product experience that works on a full range of skin tones.

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What’s next for L’Oréal Indonesia?

Right now, L’Oréal Indonesia is working on leveraging the latest technology in Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence to transform the e-commerce shopping experience by allowing consumers to virtually try on beauty products for the first time! We want to continue pioneering the beauty tech industry in Indonesia leading the Offline + Online beauty shopping experience and making online shopping more seamless and even more exciting!

Manashi Guha as General Manager of Consumer Product Division L’Oréal Indonesia explained that Indonesia is a rising force globally — being the 4th largest contributor to global growth, 60% digital penetration and the world’s 4th largest social media penetration is booming with consumers exploring both content and shopping online. And this is just the beginning!

Online beauty is almost 10% of the total beauty market in Indonesia and is growing at triple digits. This brings with it a change in consumer behavior and expectation. L’Oréal’s vision as beauty leader is to bring in AR & AI interfaces for consumers personalized solutions to virtually try beauty products.

So what is next? These are all FIRSTS in Indonesia and we will continue to be a Beauty Tech company providing the best of global beauty trends for our consumers.

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Welcome L’Oréal Indonesia!

Interested in joining us on our digital revolution in L’Oréal Indonesia?

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