The L’Oréal Survival Guide on What To Do If Your Interview Goes Wrong

Let’s be honest, we all have a bit of bad luck and sometimes it happens at the worst possible times. We caught up with Kevin Lyons, International Finance Talent Acquisition Manager for his trusty advice on what to do if it ever happens during a L’Oréal interview.

We’re all late sometimes, and generally it’s out of our hands. In this case communication is key, just let your L’Oréal recruiter know that you’re going be late and give them an estimated time of arrival . The best way to do this is by giving them a quick call or email.

Again, let your recruiter know as soon as you can. A top tip is to propose a new time if possible to speed up the process of rescheduling.

Stay calm and professional, technology isn’t always our best friend. Tell the interviewer that unfortunately your connection isn’t clear, and ask to reboot the call. Remember that the worst case scenario is that you revert to a phone call or reschedule. Don’t worry, our recruiters will not hold this against you one bit. It gives you an opportunity to show that you are flexible and unphased when faced with momentary problems.

We understand that interviews can be stressful and not always a natural feeling. The purpose of our interviews is not to make you feel uneasy by grilling you with tricky questions. We want to understand if you’d be a great cultural fit for our company, as much as knowing your professional background. We look past the nerves and want to see you for who you are.Try to remember that your recruiter has also been on the other side of the table/process and knows exactly how you feel.

Probably best not to wear this…

Imagine it’s your first day on the job — wear your “first day outfit” to the interview. Keep it smart, professional and show some personality if you can.

Find a quiet space with a clear background if possible. Position the camera so we can see your full face. Think of the lighting too, we want to be able to see you!

The main thing is that you can hear us, and we can hear you. Keep a pen and paper to hand to take notes, and have your CV / job description in front of you to refer to.

Now here’s a few tips to make sure your L’Oréal interview goes as smooth as possible!

Tell us about your cool interests!
  1. Something new that you have learned about the company during your research and preparation for the interview. Don’t simply recite informtion you’ve read. We’d love to hear your opinions and thoughts about what we do, or even better, tell us what you’d do differently!
  2. Your story! Everyone is unique and has a different story to tell. Share your hobbies or your adventures, anything you think of that sets you apart from the rest!
  3. Questions- prepare a couple of questions to show your interest, but be genuine. Don’t ask something that you don’t want to know just for the sake of it. Feel free to fire difficult questions at us too, we love a good challenge at L’Oréal.
  1. Ask yourself — what do I want this person to think of me after this phone call? Write down three of those general themes and try to get them across during the phone call. This quick preparation allows you to be more self-aware and articulate during the call.
  2. Have your calendar and details to hand — phone interviews often end in scheduling a face to face interview.
  3. Smile! Even a smile can be heard over the phone. Don’t be afraid to show some personality.

Send a follow up email thanking the interviewer for their time. Include something that you have learnt during the interview to demonstrate good listening and communication skills.

So it’s as simple as that! We won’t hold it against you if something goes wrong. As you can see, we don’t bite :) Many thanks to Kevin Lyons in aiding the creation of this article.

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