You Asked, Our Recruiters Answered: preparing for your L’Oréal interview

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4 min readNov 2, 2021

Applying to a company can be an exhilarating, stressful, fun moment… especially if it’s your dream job 😍 The good news is, you’re already half-way there! You’ve done your research on the company, dusted off and updated your CV, and put all your effort into pressing that ‘submit application’ button. Your hard work has paid off, a recruiter has called you to invite you to an interview. No need to stress, we’ve caught up with some of our L’Oréal recruiters to ask them a few of your questions. Kristian (Canada), Erika (Philippines), Sebastien (France), Rina (Singapore) and Brittany (USA) share their best tips to ace your recruitment journey with L’Oréal below!

1. What would you suggest a candidate do after they’ve been invited for their first interview?

Take a moment to breathe, celebrate the opportunity and begin your research. Ensure you’ve researched our core business, understand our values, organizational initiatives, and culture. Think about how these align with your values and come up with few examples which demonstrate how they may overlap with your own.

💡 Pro tip: don’t be afraid to reach out to your HR point of contact (most likely your recruiter) to ask questions you may have pertaining to the interview if not already addressed.

2. What should our candidates keep in mind while preparing for their interview?

Use this time to do the necessary research on the position and the company. Deep dive into the job offer to get a good understanding of the missions and the context of the team.

Develop your knowledge on the company by checking out the latest articles, our social media channels and websites to arrive at the interview fully equipped to shine! Review your past experiences; what you enjoyed about them and what you learned from them.

Make sure you have a virtual set up that is conducive to a comfortable and confident interview! Since we are mainly interviewing through Microsoft Teams, you want to make sure you have secure Wi-Fi, good lighting, and can access the link to the Microsoft Teams Interview.

3. What can help make a candidate stand out DURING the interview?

➡️ Be clear on your professional project: where do you want to go in the future ?

💡 Be sharp: it’s important to make your recruiter understand the context of your past experiences, but don’t lose yourself in too many details

🥳 Make sure you’re able to convey a good level of energy during your interview (get a good night of sleep before 😉)

🔎 Be curious: ask questions to your recruiter about the job, the team, the projects they are working on, the company culture & values / the inside of the company

And most importantly: BE YOURSELF! don’t try to fit into a persona or a character and pretend to be someone else, as recruiters we want to see the real you 😊

The candidates that stand out during an interview are the candidates that can discuss how their strengths add value to the team and specific role.

4. Life gets busy, and you haven’t had the time to stay in touch with the candidates, what do you recommend the candidate do?

Recruitment at L’Oréal can get hectic! If you haven’t heard from the team, it’s best to reach out to us! For instance, follow up directly through email and in the subject line add “Feedback from (the role) interview”. The subject line helps us quickly scan our inbox so we can better prioritize feedback over other emails.

👉To sum it up:

Follow up, it shows us your interest in the role and helps us move the recruitment process even quicker!

5. If successful, what can the candidate expect for the rest of the journey?

Once you’re hired… it definitely does not end there! At L’Oréal, we believe in having a community built on lasting relationships, especially those that are made between a candidate and a recruiter. If anything, the recruiter can be your first friend within the company! The recruiter will guide the candidate (you!) throughout the process, and will coach you to be well prepared for the next steps of the process. When the process ends with a successful ‘you’re hired!’; the relationship does not! It’s such a pleasure it is to see and meet the candidate once they arrive in the company.

6. If they aren’t successful but still super interested in joining us at L’Oréal, what do you recommend they do?

Do not give up! L’Oréal is a big place— we have a lot of roles and a lot of unique opportunities. Ask for feedback from your recruiter to understand what the potential knowledge gaps may be and begin to upskill so you’re ready for the next opportunity.

Stay in touch and keep an eye out for new openings which you feel would be a strong fit for your profile, experience, and career ambitions. Once Identified, let the recruiter know that you’re interested in interviewing for the opening.

Don’t be afraid to request an exploratory call with an HR representative or a L’Oreal employee who has a position you aspire to hold one day. The insight which can be gained from a simple coffee chat exchange could completely change your perspective on how to best approach the next opportunity. Curiosity is at the core of growth for any L’Oreal employee and candidate.

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