From Brandstorm to life at L’Oréal: winning isn’t the only way to join us!

Winning the award is not the only takeaway from a competition, and that’s especially the case of our student’s competition, Brandstorm. Winner or not, the experience isinvaluable: the people you meet, the skills you learn and even the sleepless nights; they all support your journey in some way (undereye bags aside).

Brandstorm is no different, that’s why today we want to share a different story. We went on a (rather easy) hunt for success stories from Brandstorm alumni that lost the competition but scored a job at L’Oréal anyway! Turns out there were plenty of amazing stories that report every step of the way!

No matter how you get there, every part of the Brandstorm journey counts, and from day one you get to experience what life at L’Oréal is like! As Carolin, Social Media brand communication intern for Kiehl’s Germany said about her first contact with L’Oréal:

Carolin, Social Media brand communication intern for Kiehl’s Germany

“My journey with L’Oréal started in March 2019 when I participated in the Brandstorm competition. During that time, I realized that every employee at L’Oréal was very open-minded, helpful and passionate when talking about L’Oréal. I also had the feeling that I came into a company that understands itself as one big family in which everybody knows each other. After this first professional contact, I knew that I wanted to experience this atmosphere by myself and become a part of the L’Oréal family.”

But why is it a good opportunity you may ask? For Gianluca, Product Manager for Giorgio Armani Cosmetics:

“First reason: teamwork. My colleagues and I were an explosion of energy. The three of us were thrilled to work on a competition involving L’Oréal and the Brandstorm months became a great time for us to bond.
Second reason: it gives you the chance to challenge yourself on a personal and professional level. It was a big workload, it was not simple at all to collect all the market data, all the consumer insights and to build a marketing plan based on those insights. Last but not least: even though we worked a lot, it was FUN!”

Karin, Digital Intern in L’Oreal Indonesia

For Karin, Digital Intern in L’Oreal Indonesia was no different:

“Brandstorm has played a crucial role in my career because it has helped me to grow creatively and professionally. It gave me relevant experience, brand knowledge, L’Oreal’s cultural insights, and valuable networks. It also widened my perspective on doing business in the beauty industry, especially in terms of research, presentation, strategy, innovation & critical thinking”

There are many takeaways you can get from playing Brandstorm, for Luiza from the Marketing Development within Vichy’s international team, in Paris:

Luiza from the Marketing Development within Vichy’s international team, in Paris

“The biggest thing we obtained from Brandstorm was knowledge! We learned how to create a structured presentation, to master storytelling and to pitch our ideas in front of a knowledgeable public.”

“Networking was also an essential factor of the competition as well as getting the chance to present in front of important people, including HR and brand & market experts. We got to know a lot of people from within the company and to build our network.”

For many Brandstorm was just the first step in their journey at L’Oréal, Grzegorz told us about his current role and how did he get there:

Grzegorz, Global Key Account Director in Paris

“Today I hold a position of Global Key Account Director in Paris. I manage the business and our relationship with key retailers, working with countries across the world. It’s a very interesting role, giving me exposure to different cultures, challenges and opportunities. I am soon to reach a twelve-year mark in my L’Oréal journey, yet I still remember the very first days, when I started as Marketing Intern, supporting La Roche-Posay team in Poland.

After that, I moved through various sales positions eventually joining the Consumer Product Division after 5 years. There I managed my first teams and oversaw the biggest clients, driving the business for iconic brands such as Garnier, Maybelline and L’Oréal Paris. In December 2019 I got promoted to the Global HQ and this is where I am now. There is plenty of opportunities to grow at L’Oréal and my professional journey so far is a good example of that.”

We know what you are thinking. Is there any advice from them to you?

Franka, Product marketing intern for Vichy, as part of the Active Cosmetics Division

“Think out of the box. Do not be afraid to dream big. In order to be successful in this competition you must stand out. Last but not least, think about the consumer — that has to be at the heart of your idea.” — Grzegorz.

“In general, the focus on networking within the company is very valuable for daily work life. During my time at L’Oréal I have not only gained a lot of knowledge, but I have also met amazing people and built some close friendships that will hopefully last for a lifetime.” — Franka.

“Trust your ideas; do not be afraid to go a bit crazy. This is an innovation competition where you are welcome to share your crazy thoughts. Remember that there is no such thing as too out-of-the-box; you have to be a little crazy to succeed! :)” — Luiza.

But hey, don’t forget you can still win, and even if you don’t this is only the beginning of your story at L’Oréal!

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