We’re all used to linear career stories, the ones that seem smooth, easy, rational. So when Laure started as an intern at L’Oréal China Operations after 7 years of working in a completely different field, the move probably surprised many people in her life. But when you read her story, it appears that this move is what helped her reconcile with her roots, and her values, in her own way. Laure’s story is about resilience, courage, humility, and nature. We hope that it inspires many to follow their dreams, too. We’ll turn to Laure to share her story.

Hi Laure! What is your job at L’Oréal today?

As a…

Born as an ‘untouchable’, Megha defied the expectations society had for her by following her dream to study luxury management and move abroad. From an engineer in India to Director of Marketing at Lancôme Middle East, Africa and India. Read Megha’s #LOrealGreatStory to discover how she turned hard work and passion to help overcome cultural barriers and find her dream job.

Tell us about yourself

I was born in village in the South of India and schooled in a Catholic Convent before I shifted to city of Bangalore to complete my engineering studies. I began my career as an engineer in Information Technology in…

Ever wondered what interning at L’Oréal looks like? From our strong culture to some of our beautiful offices, from personal growth to endless opportunities for career advancement - today, we’ll provide you with a glimpse of the perks of a L’Oréal intern!

1. Learn while you Intern 📚

Are you curious to know what interning at L’Oréal looks like? We’ve got three people to give you the inside scoop to life as a L’Oréal intern! From a rigorous recruitment process to sharing their most favorite thing about L’Oréal’s culture, meet Edgar, a recent intern; Linda, an experienced professional who started as an intern and Julie, an out-going intern; who will each give you a sneak peek into their internship experiences!

Welcome to the world of Operations! We create innovative, inclusive and sustainable beauty together with our business partners by designing, developing, sourcing, manufacturing and serving products and services all over the world.

Consumer-oriented, we act responsibly all along the value chain, fostering the most agile and efficient solutions, thriving for excellence and powered by technology.

That being said, there are many things to discover about this exciting world! Follow us and check all the boxes you did not know!

1. We deliver 2 orders… every second

Let’s start with a big one: We deliver 2 orders per second to + 500,000 delivery points, and direct to consumer…

At L’Oréal, the health, safety, and wellbeing of our employees is our core value. Our founder Eugène Schueller once said that “a company is not walls and machines, it’s people, people, people”. Our teams are our heroes. They are the foundation of the way we work at L’Oréal.

To recognize the World Day for Safety and Health at Work, we caught up with Malcolm Staves, our Global Vice President of Health & Safety to ask him to share a few words about the way we prioritize the health and safety of our teams.

On the occasion of this World Day for Safety and Health at Work, what are you thinking about this year?

This year, I would like to personally…

Born in the USA, raised in Holland and Japan, now working in Paris, Mayu’s profile is not one you meet every day. We spent some time with her to ask her a few key questions to get to know her, discover her passions, and what has motivated her throughout her career! Mayu brings the meaning of “global” to another level. Although we share similarities, we thought Mayu’s story was a #LOrealGreatStory that needed to be shared with the world. When everything becomes a blend of identities and cultures, we can explore the bright and stretching sides of her unique story.

Hi Mayu! 👋 How do you usually introduce yourself?

5 L’Oréal Beauty Innovations

In today’s world, technology and beauty go hand-in-hand. Creativity and innovation are key to transforming the beauty experience: making it more direct, inclusive, diverse, augmented and enriched through diagnostic, personalization and virtual try-ons. At L’Oréal we have a team dedicated to this! They are working in our Technology Incubator, designed as a startup within our Research & Innovation teams. They are developing and launching groundbreaking new beauty technologies and partnering with top universities, startups, and experts in a diverse range of fields to spark new innovations at L’Oréal.

Here are 5 beauty innovations created by L’Oréal that you need to know:

1— Makeup Genius

Giving access to our worldwide community With more than 20 million…

Having a healthy balance between work and life is complicated even in a normal situation. But now that most of us are either in some varying degree of lockdown or working from home for safety reasons, we’re finding that balance is more difficult, yet more important to achieve! We immerse in our jobs so deeply that we can hardly see where the separation line is.

Meetings, the laundry, the delivery, is it lunchtime? Our lifes feel like this intertwined cycle of work. Instead of leaving the office at the end of the day marking that clear end point, we just…

Winning the award is not the only takeaway from a competition, and that’s especially the case of our student’s competition, Brandstorm. Winner or not, the experience isinvaluable: the people you meet, the skills you learn and even the sleepless nights; they all support your journey in some way (undereye bags aside).

Brandstorm is no different, that’s why today we want to share a different story. We went on a (rather easy) hunt for success stories from Brandstorm alumni that lost the competition but scored a job at L’Oréal anyway! …

Beauty Tomorrow

If you’re an impact seeking inventor, a driver of disruption, join us to lead the Beauty innovation to the next level www.careers.loreal.com

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